In the Mutant Apocalypse alternate timeline, the Honey Badger Ravagers were a gang of Mutant honey badgers who terrorized the wasteland. They debuted in The Wasteland Warrior.


The Ravagers were lead by Verminator Rex, who in turn, was lorded over by Maximus Kong in an alternate future where Earth was infested with mutant animals upon the mutagen bomb going off. Verminator Rex sought after Mira, a young meerkat mutant who had the map to the Oasis tattooed on her arm. Mira joined up with Raphael and Donbot, and eventually Michelangelo, Chompy Picasso, and Ice Cream Kitty.

After Verminator Rex convinced Imperius Reptilicus and his Scale Tail Clan to assist in capturing Mira and finding the Oasis, they succeeded in getting her and Raphael. Raphael was forced to combat the two gang leaders in an arena, and bested them both. Reptilicus declared that per the law, Raphael was now the leader of both the Honey Badger Ravagers and the Scale Tail Clan.

Verminator Rex, however, would have none of this, and took on his old gang with Maximus Kong, insisting they were traitors. Both gangs were wiped out in this battle, and Verminator Rex was taken out by Mira, although it is unknown if he died or was just left for dead.

Known Members

Miscellaneous Honey Badger Ravagers were voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson and Dee Bradley Baker.

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