Herman's new claw closeup.jpg


Biographical information

New York City

Weapon(s) of choice

Gatling gun
Submachine gun
Mini missile launcher
Anti-aerial artillery
4 Shot bazooka


Quartermaster of the Mighty Mutanimals


Mighty Mutanimals

Physical description

Mutant hermit crab



Hair color

Black (eyebrows)

Eye color

Yellow with black pupils

Out of universe information



IDW Publishing

First appearance

New Mutant Order, part 2

Created by

Bobby Curnow
Tom Waltz
Mateus Santolouco

Teachers and Students

Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

Herman the Hermit Crab is a mutant hermit crab, member of the Mighty Mutanimals and an ally of the turtles from the IDW turtle comics.


Herman began his life as a simple hermit crab, who was for sale in a pet store in New York City, before he and a gecko were stolen by the mutant alley cat Old Hob, and his associate Lindsey Baker injected them with both mutagen and psychotropic compound, to serve him as new recruits in his mutant army in the fight against humanity.

Herman's left claw arm was violently amputated in Desperate Measures, part 1. In part 2, he was seen having surgery for a cybernetic replacement, which was finally revealed in part 4.


Herman is a giant hermit crab wearing a green army outfit, his right claw is bigger than his left one and according to his species he uses a waste container as a shell, the container is wrapped to his body like a backpack, which also houses a number of military weapons in it including a 7.62mm mini-gattling gun, grenades, mini missile launcher, anti-aerial artillery, a 4 shot bazooka and submachine gun.

Herman's newer cybernetic claw is metallic and appears equivalent in functionality to his lost biological claw.

Personality and traits

Within the Mighty Mutanimals, Herman fulfills the role of a living tank and support of heavy weapons. All weapons which are hidden in the container are controlled and triggered by the 2 pairs of rear legs inside the dumpster he uses as a shell.

His personality is deeply military-oriented—he considers himself and his comrades all to be soldiers and uses exclusively military jargon in his conversations.


  • His name and species is likely a pun on the band Herman's Hermits. The name "Herman" also has ancient Germanic roots and comes from herja mann, meaning "army man."


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