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Lord Hebi is a villain in Usagi Yojimbo. He is a ruthless daimyo loyal to Lord Hikiji, who often directs Hikiji's plots. He is a large snake, several times the size of any other character in the series, and despite not having any arms or legs, he is a skilled fighter, using his size and large teeth to his advantage.


The evil Lord Hebi called for the assassination of Lord Noriyuki. Hebi shall favor whichever ninja clan kills the youth. As the mole ninjas bring Tomoe Ame to Hebi, they inform the evil overlord of Usagi, Gen, and Leo's presence. With this, Hebi forms a plan to use Tomoe Ame as bait in order to kill Noriyuki.

Usagi finds Tomoe Ame and cuts her free - but as the warriors are escaping, they are met by a large group of guards. The two are taken to Lord Hebi’s throne room, where Lord Noriyuki and Gen are already being held. As Hebi is about to finish off Lord Noriyuki, Leo jumps out from the shadows and attacks. Leonardo confronts Lord Hebi - noting that it won't be much of a fight since the snake has no arms. In a flash, Hebi encircles the Turtle and then throws him forcefully into a wall (after Leonardo sarcastically notes that arms are overrated). Hebi corners Leo and it looks bad for the ninja until Lord Noriyuki takes up a blade and intervenes. The young Lord tells Hebi to give up as his minions have lost the fight. The reptilian overlord laughs and states that his fortress is surrounded by his forces and there's no way for our heroes to escape.

Just then, the Shogun’s army marches onto the fortress grounds, sounding their horns. Hebi looks out a window, seeing that his troops are being overrun - vowing vengeance, the snake flees.

Later he worked together with Kojima to take revenge Leonardo, Gennosuke, and Miyamoto Usagi.



  • Hebi (蛇) is a Japanese word for snake.


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