The Green Governor of Guitar!

Accessories: Record Flyin’ Discs, Drum Stick Sais, Bass Bashin’ Guitar
Longest Riff: 3 nights – entitled “I Can Play Guitar While I Sleep”
Favorite Song: “Pizza Breath in the Nostrils of Love”

Take a mega-breath, cuz Heavy Metal Raph’s here to play! And with metal-maniac Raph’s decibel-deafening duets, the Foot will fall fast. This headbangin’ raff rifter rifles off rhythms like the heavy metal mutant he is! He’s tuned tight and ready for a fight. Raph’s even heeled with spiked brute boots to keep bogus bass players from playing his game. So crank it up and turn it over or be sucked into the gruesome depths of disco. Heavy Metal Raph will never die!


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