Heart of Evil
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012 TV series) episode
Season Code: 503
Episode: 107
Original airdate April 2, 2017
Written by Gavin Hignight
Supervising Producer Ant Ward & Patrick Krebs
Producers: Brandon Auman
Ciro Nieli
Directed by Rie Koga
Voice Direction Andrea Romano
Supervising Director  Ben Jones & Ciro Nieli
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"The Forgotten Swordsman" "End Times"

Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Season 5
March 19, 2017 - November 12, 2017
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Heart of Evil is the third episode of the fifth season of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


Donnie's grudge against Don Vizioso threatens the turtles' mission.


Major Characters

Minor Characters


Don Vizioso is gorging in his Italian restaurant and holds Shredder's heart as a trophy and a symbol that now that he is dead, all the criminal operations in New York belong to him, and with Shredder out of the way, he just have to get rid of the ninja turtles to make sure he stays as top mob boss

Meanwhile, the foot cult are doing preparations to resurrect Shredder, Tiger claw mentions that they have all the pieces of Shredder's body but the heart, so they are going to steal it from Vizioso at the same time as Ralph and Mikey are spying the ritual and the rest are pursuing Rocksteady and Bebop before they get to the restaurant first

Once they get there, Leo wants to make a stealth plan to steal it, but Donnie mentions that he wants to get revenge on Vizioso for wanting to dissect him and use him for experiments so he just go to take it loudly. As Vizioso keep eating, Bebop enters being cloaked and try to take the heart while Vizioso is playing with it, but he takes a pork chop by mistake so his cover is blown, so he resorts to Rocksteady assault them with his laser mini-gun, then the turtles also get into the fight as everyone there try to take the heart, Vizioso recovers the heart and escapes shooting them gas from his chair's revolver, then the mutants retreat from there.

After the failed heist, Rocksteady and Bebop return to the cult lair to find an angry Kavaxas that they failed to get the heart, but they inform they know that Vizioso is hiding in a hotel and is planning to get out of the country, Kavaxas threaten to not fail this time or he will destroy all New York to get the heart. At the turtle's kitchen, Donnie complains that Vizioso could escape with the heart, but Leo scolds him that is his fault they failed their mission, Karai mentions Vizioso is no big deal compared to Kavaxas, April recognizes the seal that Tiger claw has to control him, and Mikey plans on taking it so they control Kavaxas. Their new move is going to the hotel Vizioso is hiding and steal it the right way, but Donnie once again went on his own to do his revenge.

Vizioso and the Fulci twins wait nervously in their room at the Hignight Hotel for some fake passports to go to Italy, Vizioso appears especially nervous, realizing that Shredder's heart is more valuable than he thought if every one of his mutant enemies are after it. The Turtles, April and Karai arrive at the hotel, Leo instructs them to stand guard if Tiger Claw and Kavaxas come for the heart while he infiltrates the hotel to steal it first, much to his brothers protests. Before they proceed, they realize that Donnie is taking down Vizioso's guards and attempts to sneak into the hotel to grab the heart and get revenge, which impresses Raph. Despite Leo's orders, Donnie continues to make his way inside, but as he does, Bebop, Rocksteady, Tiger Claw and Kavaxas arrive to ambush Vizioso and his goons, where the Hammer shows up in his mech suit to take them all down, and in doing so, Donnie is seen falling off of the hotel.

Before Donnie ends up another stain on the sidewalk, Leo rushes to push him to safety and assists him in sneaking into the hotel, but not before they're confronted by Bebop and Rocksteady again. Kavaxas fights the Hammer to a standstill, prying open his mech suit and draining his soul, as he did with Tatsu, and afterwards, Tiger Claw loses the seal and Mikey runs off with it on a subway, or so Tiger Claw thinks, so he gives chase. But when he catches up with him, he realizes that Mikey and Raph had swapped the seal with a personal pizza pocket, meanwhile, Raph, April and Karai have the real seal and try to use it to control Kavaxas, and simultaneously fighting him off.

In the hotel, Vizioso grows more worried about losing the heart to the mutants, as Leo and Donnie get closer to his and the Twins' room as they fight their way past the goons, where Leo reminds Donnie is their objective is the heart, not vengeance, but Donnie believes that they can pull both off. As Tiger Claw defeats Mikey, he flies off to obtain the real seal, where Raph, Karai and April's attempt to use it to control Kavaxas fails, because they don't understand how it works. Leo and Donnie then confront the Twins and Vizioso and attempt to retrieve the heart or die trying.

But as they do, Tiger Claw manages to retrieve the seal and orders Kavaxas to immediately retrieve Shredder's heart. Meanwhile, Leo and Donnie have the upper hand against Vizioso and the Fulci Twins, where Donnie finally has Vizioso cornered and tries to kill him, but Leo reminds him not to forget who he is, and as he realizes what he's turning into, Donnie informs Vizioso that they're taking Shredder's heart and he's going to prison. As Leo praises Donnie for not losing his sense of humanity, Tiger Claw and Kavaxas swipe the heart and cause an explosion in the hotel, sending Leo and Donnie plummeting into the back alley. Kavaxas caresses the container with Shredder's heart, observing how much power it contains, but Tiger Claw then orders him to hand it over, and they retreat back to their lair.

After Vizioso, Vic and Vincenzo are hauled off by the police, Leo and Donnie catch up with April, Karai, Raph, and a badly injured Mikey, where they must get him back to the lair for him to heal. Karai worries what will happen now that Kavaxas and Tiger Claw has everything they need to resurrect Shredder, but Leo ensures her that no matter what it takes, they'll take out Tiger Claw, Kavaxas and all of Shredder's henchmen. Back at their lair, Tiger Claw orders Kavaxas to bring Shredder back to life, and as Kavaxas makes his heart start beating again, the resurrection begins to take effect. As the sarcophagus reaches the ground, Tiger Claw, Rahzar, Fishface, Bebop and Rocksteady witness in horror as the undead Shredder reaches out his arm after regaining life.


  • The Dell'Abate Ristorante that Don Vizioso uses as his hideout is named after Gary Dell'Abate, the Howard Stern Show producer best known as "Baba Booey". The restaurant's logo features a buck-toothed person wearing a Roman headdress that is a caricature of Gary.
  • The back of Don Vizioso's flying throne has an "I Brake for Connie Francis" bumper sticker with the Italian flag on it. Connie Francis was a famous Italian-American movie singer in the late 1950s and early 1960s.
  • On the back of Don Vizioso's flying throne is a sticker that reads, "Sono Affamato!" This is Italian for "I'm hungry", a nod to the Don constantly eating and being overweight.


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