Vic: Is Shredder's heart really in that thing? Where would you even get something like that?

Vicen: Don't ask questions you don't want answers to, Vic.

Vic:Yeesh. How can he eat with it just sitting there next to the fettuccine?

Hammer: Hey, yo, Boss. You want me to take that gross thing off the table for you? We got some nice lamb chops.

Vizioso:You ignorant goombahs. Some cultures believe that you gain the power of your enemy by consuming the heart. It's where the soul resides. You got me? First, I took this good luck charm from the Shredder. Next, I take his turf. With that freak gone, the entire city belongs to Don Vizioso. [laughs.] Hmm. Hey, bring me another calzone! Step on it. Chop chop, move. Any mutant, freak, or weirdo who gets in my way gets eliminated. Especially mutant turtles.

Tigerclaw:The time is nigh, my fateful Foot, for the resurrection of Master Shredder is tonight! Soon we will be graced by his presence once more. Long live the Foot!

Mikey: Dude! We are in total cyber-ninja stealth-mode, yo.Booyakash-

Raph: Shh! [groans.] We won't be for long if you don't zip it.

Mikey:Team Braniac, this is Team Awesome standing by. Over.

Donnie:We're in pursuit of Rocksteady's van as we speak. Has Tigerclaw mentioned what they're looking for?

Mikey: Negatory, Team Braniac. Team Kickbuttbabes, anything to report?

Karai:Team Kickbuttbabes?

April:In pursuit of Bebop now.We're losing him!

Karai:Keep your jumpsuit on, O'Neil. I've got this.

Tigerclaw:Faithful followers, for Kavaxas to resurrect the great Shredder, we must obtain one final item: the Shredder's heart!

Mikey: Weird. I didn't think Shredder even had a heart.


Tigerclaw:I have already sent Zeck and Steranko to find the heart.

Kavaxas: If they fail me, I will have both of their souls.

Tigerclaw: You mean, if they fail me, Kavaxas.

Leo:Okay, team, now we know what they're looking for. It's, um, gross and weird, but we have to stop them.

Bebop:Yo, Rocksteady, I got two chicks on a bike hot on my piggy tail. You go for the heart. I gotta take care of some business.

Karai:Nice save, April. Bacon breath is gonna pay for that.

Rocksteady:Comrade Claw, it is the Rocksteady. I speak with underworld contacts and find Shredder's heart. Is with that filth, the chubby monkey, Don Vizioso.

Tigerclaw:Zeck, get over there and make sure you succeed.

Donnie:Don Vizioso's place? It makes perfect sense that a psychotic creep like Vizioso would want it.

Bebop:I'm here, Rock. What the dilly-o? I see the heart, yo. Dang! I bet that fool is nasty enough to try to eat it. Blech!

Tigerclaw: Retrieve the heart at all costs!

Kavaxas:Do not disappoint us.

Bebop: No worries. Be like taking candy from a big ugly baby.

Rocksteady:And should this candy thieving fail, I am the plan B. That sounded cool, da?

Donnie: This is the last step to resurrecting Shredder. Let's go.

Leo:Not so fast. We're ninjas. There has to be a stealthier way.

Donnie:There's no time, Leo, and I wanna give Don Vizioso a little payback from when he tried to slice and dice me.

Leo: Donnie!

Bebop:Oh, snap.

Vizioso:Get him! Hoo! Yo, let's do this, Plan B. [grunts.]

Rocksteady: Rocksteady to the rescue! Let us party time like it 1995..]

Vizioso:More muties? Waste 'em! [grunts.]

Leo:The heart.

Vic:Forget it, freak. [both grunt.]

Rocksteady:You get rocked by Rocksteady.

Donnie:Payback time, Vizioso. Wha

Hammer:Hey, yo! Hey, yo, Boss, you want us to take out the trash?

Leo:Donnie, look out! [crashing.]

Hammer: [weakly.] Hey, yo..

Donnie:Yes! Ow!

Bebop:I got it! Ooh. [rockets whirring.] Wha

Vizioso:Choke on this, you freaks!

Donnie:No! Sewer Pickles!

Leo:Come on, Donnie. Let's go!

Donnie: I can *cough* Open this! *cough*

Rocksteady:Let us make with the running! [coughing.]

Bebop: We're Outie 5000, punks!

Kavaxas:Those incompetent mutant men of yours are responsible for losing the heart! I cannot resurrect Shredder without it. There is no other way!

Tigerclaw:You seem particularly invested in resurrecting my master.

Bebop:Don't worry, baby, we already found 'em.

Rocksteady: Is just as we thinks, Vizioso hides in filthy Hignight Hotel like rat.

Bebop: Looks like that fool's gonna skip town, Cat-man. Better make a move fast!

Kavaxas:You must capture the heart! Allow his escape and I will tear the entire city to pieces! And you as well.

Tigerclaw:Stop this! You will do as I say, demon. Now, we will all prepare for the siege.

Donnie:Oh, man, we almost had the heart! Stupid gangsters! Why is our luck getting worse?

April: At least Tiger Claw and Hot Head don't have it yet.

Mikey:Accent on the "yet" part.

Donnie:No! We'll get it, and when we do, that thug Vizioso is going down!

Raph: I'm impressed. I kinda like you ticked off, Donnie.

Leo:[sighs.] Being ticked off isn't gonna help anything. It's your fault we blew it, Donnie.

Donnie:My fault?

Karai:Vizioso is a minor inconvenience compared to Kavaxas. How do we stop that monster?

April:Tiger Claw has this Seal that seams to control him. It's some kind of ancient magic. If we can get it away from him...

Mikey:Maybe we can control Hot Head! Then he can make us pizza, play video games with me, even clean my room!

[Chompy yelps.]

Leo:All right, first thing's first.We know the Don uses the Hignight Hotel as his safe house. We start there. Infiltrate the hotel and get the heart before the Foot does.

Vicen:Boss is really freaked out by all those muties.

Vizioso:Mutants everywhere Can't stand 'em anymore. What's taking so long with those fake passports? I gotta get out of the country!

Vic:These things take time, Don. Who knew that heart would be such a prized possession, huh?

Vizioso:Go figure I'll never give it up now. I'll just lay low for all this mutant nonsense to blow over

Leo:If Tiger Claw shows up with Kavaxas, do whatever you can to get that Seal.

Karai: And where will you be?

Leo: I'm going in alone, full-stealth to get the heart from the Don.

Raph:Are you kidding me, Leo?

Mikey:The Solo-Leo act is getting a little stale, bro.

Leo: Ninja stealth is the only option.

Mikey:: Whelp, Donnie is in total agreement with you, dude.


MIkey:He's going in solo, bro. Full-Ninja-Stealth.

Raph:Whoa! Angry Donnie making it happen.

Leo: Donatello, what are you doing?

Donnie: I'm getting that heart and putting an end to Vizioso for good!

Leo:Whatever's between you and the Don doesn't matter. You're jeopardizing the mission.

Donnie: Oh, come on. Look at all the anti-mutant weapons he's built. We need to put a stop to this, and we need to do it now. Donnie out!


April:Uh, guys? Stealth isn't gonna matter!

Thief:Look alive. We got company.

Leo:I'll back up Donnie. Whatever you do, get that Seal!

Hammer:Hey, yo, I'm gonna kick this Dragon Man's tail in, yo

Kavaxas:! Do you think such worldly weapons can hurt Kavaxas?

Bebop:Outta the way, Turt!

Hammer: Hey, yo!

Kavaxas:These mortals are not worth my time.

Tigerclaw:The Seal!


Bebop:Come on!

Rocksteady:We crush you like little green grape!

Bebop:Dang. Rock is gonna be so mad at me.

Tigerclaw:Do you think you can keep the Seal from me?

Mikey: Well, duh!

Tigerclaw: Where is the Seal? Give it to me. Now! What?

Mikey:Ooh, the ol' switcheroo, brah! Sorry, T. C. Personal pocket pizza for ya?

Tigerclaw:Where is the Seal?

Raph: Now that we got it, how do we make this thing work?

Kavaxas:The Seal! Liberation!


Vicen:What's going on out there?

Vic:Um, a bunch of mutants and girls fighting. Some kind of dragon flying around breathin' fire. It don't look good, Boss.

Vizioso:Oh, this could be it mutant apocalypse. Oh, man. Someone bring me a calzone and some antacid! Hurry!

Leo:Remember, Donnie, keep it together. We're after the heart, not revenge.

Donnie: In the spirit of multitasking, I'd like to think we have time for both.

Tigerclaw:Your ride ends here, turtle.

Mikey: Maybe you're right.

Tigerclaw: Little fool.

Kavaxas::Arrogant child!

Karai: I got it! Now would be a good time to make that thing work.

April:Come on, come on. I command you!

Kavaxas:You have more power than these mutants [grunts.] But you don't have the knowledge, child. [laughs.] Brain with unique power. I will not merely destroy you [whoosh.] I'll swallow your soul!

Raph:Swallow this!

Kavaxas: Give me [grunts.] The Seal!

April: No!

Tigerclaw:Enough of these games! Retrieve the heart at once, Kavaxas. Now!

Raph:No! Ah.

Karai:That's not good.

April: Raph, Mikey sent a text. He's hurt pretty bad.

Donnie:[dark voice]This is the end for you, Vizioso. [grunting.]

Leo: Donnie, don't lose sight of who you are!

[Donnie's eyes begin to change back to normal.]

Donnie:This is the end! Because we're taking the heart and you're going to jail!

Leo: Nice job, D.

Tigerclaw:And what of the Turtles?

Kavaxas:So much anger, power, strength!

Tigerclaw:You will give the heart to me, Kavaxas. We have what we came for. Let us go.

Leo:The heart!

Karai:At least Vizioso and his goons are finished.

April:Guys! [all gasp.]

Leo:Mikey Are you okay?

Mikey: [moans.] I made it out by the skin of my shell, dudes.

Donnie:We gotta get you back to the lair, pronto.

Leo:You'll be okay, Mikey.

Karai:What do we do? Can they really bring back Shredder?

Leo:We don't stop fighting, Karai. We take them all down. Tigerclaw, Kavaxas all of them.

Kavaxas:Kovatala Zavanasa Vakasala! Let the Shredder rise once more!

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