Hamato Sho
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Grandpa Sho
Jiji, Gramps (by Hamato Yoshi)

Date of death

Likely in the 1990s


Hamato Atsuko (daughter)
Hamato Yoshi (grandson through Atsuko)
Raphael (human mutation great-grandson through Yoshi)
Leonardo (human mutation great-grandson through Yoshi)
Donatello (human mutation great-grandson through Yoshi)
Michelangelo (human mutation great-grandson through Yoshi)
Hamato Karai (ancestor)
Oroku Saki (ancestor through Karai)

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Ghost (currently)



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"Goodbye Yoshi."
— "'Hamato Sho in "E-Turtle Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"

In Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Hamato Sho was the father of Hamato Atsuko and grandfather, and then legal guardian, of Hamato Yoshi.

Physical Appearance

Hamato Sho is an elderly Japanese man with long straight white hair, a white beard and mustache, white bushy eyebrows, white arm hair, black eyes, light skin, and a short, plump figure. He wears an indigo kimono-like jacket with lighter blue trim, rolled up sleeves and the Hamato Clan emblem over its heart and back, and indigo cuffed pants. He also wears white tabi, red zōri, and an indigo rolled up headband.


Sho appears to be strict and somewhat short-tempered. He highly values his clan's commitment to preventing the return of the Shredder, accepting his daughter's absence in service of that commitment despite his grief from her loss and trying for years to instill the same dedication in his grandson Hamato Yoshi.

While Sho cares about the good of many, he cares about his clan's goals to achieve that to fault, causing him to prioritize his wants for Yoshi over Yoshi's own wants for himself. This dismissal created a steep rift in their relationship over time as shown in "E-Turtle Sunshine of the Spotless Mind".


Decades Ago

One spring when his grandson was a child, Sho accompanied his daughter Hamato Atsuko to a park where after telling Yoshi the story of the Shredder's banishment, she left him and Yoshi to carry out her duty to prevent the Shredder from being revived. Now Yoshi's legal guardian in her stead, it was Sho's duty was to train his grandson to prepare him in case the demon known as the Shredder ever returned. However, after years of many attempts, Yoshi often ignored Sho and disregarded their clan's history, wanting to become a film actor instead.

Sho once visited Yoshi after he moved to the United States of America to try to convince him one final time to prioritize his clan duties and leave his life as Lou Jitsu. Yoshi remained committed to his refusal and slammed his trailer's door in Sho's face and he decided to finally leave his grandson alone, leaving the film set soon after their argument. Sho passed away from a heartbreak because Yoshi never listened to him.

Modern Day

Sho was first mentioned in "Many Unhappy Returns" when Splinter, while in the midst of fighting the newly awakened Shredder, expressed to the Mad Dogs that he regretted not heeding Sho's lessons on how to vanquish the Shredder.

Sho appeared in "Finale Part 3: Anatawa Hitorijanai" when Hamato Karai summoned the spirits of the Hamato Clan members when teaching Raphael how to access Hamato Ninpō.


  • Ninjutsu: Sho is a ninja master that knows ninjutsu skills.
    • Hamato Ninpō: Like his ancestors, Sho also knows Hamato Ninpō.



  • Hamato Atsuko: Atsuko is Sho's daughter. Much of their relationship is currently unknown, but like Yoshi, he was also devastated by her absence and death, indicating that Sho deeply loves and cares about her.
  • Hamato Yoshi / Lou Jitsu / Splinter: Yoshi is Sho's grandson through Atsuko. He appeared to be very kind to Yoshi before Atsuko's absence and they seemed to have a loving relationship. However, Yoshi grew to rarely listen to him throughout the rest of his life, much to Sho's frustration, and their relationship soured. Sho never thought highly of his time spent acting and was truly saddened by his constant disinterest in their clan.


  • Sho has similar body proportions as Splinter after the latter's mutation, but is still human.
  • Yoshi's nickname for Sho, "Jiji", is an alteration of "ojiisan", a Japanese word for "grandfather".