Hamato Ninpō, in Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, is the greatest traditional art used by the Hamato Clan. It was first used by the Hamato Clan's founder, Karai, in which she used to defeat her father Oroku Saki after he was possessed by the Kuroi Yōroi and became the Shredder.


Hamato Ninpō allows its users to access all the abilities gained from their ancestors. With all the power of the clan's members, it grants the users a powerful amount of mystic energy, allowing them to have various superhuman abilities. It is known to have come from a very powerful source of unknown origins that makes the art exclusive to the family, called the Hamato Essence, a special form of life energy that is passed down through generations of the clan.

The technique is unlocked by connecting and trusting in oneself and their family. This shown when Raph trusts his brothers to save him after he jumps off a waterfall, which they succeed at doing.

Accessible abilities

The technique allows the family to access many different forms of mystic powers. The following are the known accessible abilities unlocked by the characters in the show:

  • Enhanced strength: Hamato Ninpō allows its users to harness superhuman strength, as shown when Karai carried Raph, who was twice her size, away from the Shredder and to safety, or when the Mad Dogs fought the Shredder while sustaining multiple critical hits from him.
  • Enhanced agility and speed: The art also allows its users to become impossibly swift and agile, becoming as fast as the Shredder, and dodge him with ease.
  • Spiritual contact: The Ninpō grants the family the ability to connect with past or deceased members through physical contact, shown when April touched Raph so he could meet again with Karai, or through writing, like how a scroll was able to "guide" Splinter but was ultimately rejected and shredded by him.
  • Weapon transformation: Hamato Ninpō allows its users to supernaturally shape a weapon from objects in their grasp. This is seen when Karai turned a bust sculpture of Donnie into a blazing blade of energy or when the Mad Dogs wielded gardening tools forged by Todd and they took the form of stronger ninja weapons. All were powerful enough to penetrate and wound the Shredder temporarily and eventually end its existence when all of the clan gathered to defeat him with their combined Hamato energy. The weapons also happen to grant its users special abilities: Teleportation from Leo's twin katana, duplication from Raph's twin sai, technological constructs creation from Donnie's and weapon enhancement from Mikey's pair of nunchaku, though it is unknown if these were from the weapons or not.
  • Outfit alteration: It has been seen in the show that Hamato Ninpō also gives its users a different look, most notably April, Splinter and the Mad Dogs.

Known users

*Deceased members in italics and marked with a dagger(†).


  • It is not entirely clear whether the Hamato Ninpō is passed through Hamato Clan bloodline, as April O'Neil could tap into the power despite not considering herself part of the clan. Yet Karai told her that she had always been one of them, and left April the family portrait Mikey had drawn earlier which included April. Ancestry or not, April is still considered family by members of the Hamato Clan, and the Ninpō draws its strength from the bonds shared by family. And later, in the combined clan's effort to finally destroy the Shredder, the power could at least momentarily be harnessed and given boost by the Mad Dogs' non-Hamato other father Baron Draxum and their non-Hamato new friend Cassandra Jones, and these two were present when Karai thanked the group of living people, addressing them all as her "young Hamatos."


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