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Hamato Splinter


Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

Hamato Hana is the niece of Hamato Yoshi, Splinter's beloved master. She is first seen Tales of the TMNT (Vol. 2) #8, "Virus". Though she was simply a mysterious female Foot Ninja when she first encountered the turtles. She revealed herself to Splinter as Hamato Yoshi's daughter and requested to learn his skills from Splinter. Upon knowing her heritage, he warmly accepted her but only her and not her Foot Clan members. At some point, her guilt got the better of her and she told Splinter the truth that she was really his niece. She states she wanted to join the Foot Clan after Yoshi's bloodline had been exiled and wanted to restore the Hamato name. While Splinter still wanted to teach her, seeing good in her. Hana still refuses and departs to "survive." She's never seen or mentioned after that.

Tales of the TMNT


Stealing Raph's bandanna tail

Hana first appeared as an unknown female immature and talkative ninja "Virus"; Tales of the TMNT (Vol.2) #8.  She appeared watching Raphael from above when he's out on a rooftop to get over his head cold. She made her move and cut off his bandanna's tails to take as a trophy. Raph, naturally furious, chases after her to know the reason behind her actions. When she refused to tell who gave her the orders and taunted him, she lead him through a chase down into the sewers. However, Raph eventually corners her and gives her a few wallops for his trouble. Its during this fight its revealed she is working for a man named Croaker who advised her on how tough the turtles were. With this realization, she doubles her efforts to escape and eventually loses him in a series of corridors. She's seen in the issue's epilogue watching the turtles from the shadows as they lounge on a rooftop.

She'd reappear in "Splinter Cell"; Tales of the TMNT (Vol.2) #34. Returning to the rogue Foot Soldiers that sent her to collect the bandannas. But their leader Croaker was furious at her for not collecting his and struck her for it. She promises to collect the trophy and wishes very much to be a member of the Foot Clan. Its during this time, Croaker came up with a plan to use her bloodline to trick the turtles and Splinter. He orders Hana to reveal herself but tell Splinter that she's Hamato Yoshi's daughter.

When she attempts to take Leonardo's bandanna he subdues her; during which she reveals her name and tells him she's undergoing a Foot Clan initiation. After being told this, Leo lets her leave with his bandana. Naturally, Croaker and his cohorts are pleased with her success. They also reveal their "sensei" to Hana which was revealed to be Splinter. It is revealed that Splinter promised to teach them martial arts techniques. However, he only wishes to teach Hana, believing her to be Yoshi's daughter. Hana would later discover the rogue Foot Soldiers and Croaker gloating and laughing at how Splinter believed their story about Hana being Yoshi's daughter. And that they intend to use her to learn Yoshi's secrets to be more powerful than the Foot Clan.

After overhearing all this, Hana's ashamed and possibly angry that she allowed herself to be fooled by them and sees that all she's strived for has been for naught. The next night at the warehouse, she meets Splinter carrying a burlap sack. She declines his offer to learn Yoshi's secret and admits she's been lying to him. That she was not Yoshi's daughter but his niece. She explains after he was exiled from the Foot Clan, all members of his bloodline were shunned from entering. She joined the Foot with hopes of restoring the Hamato name within the organization and came to seek entrance through the New York City branch. Splinter, despite all this, wants to train her and believes there's still some "light" in her.

Hana quickly refuses and dismisses Splinter's claim of seeing any light in her. She proves this by emptying the burlap sack to show the severed heads of four rogue Foot Soldiers. When Splinter asks what she will do now, as she leaves, Hana states all she plans to do is to survive.


  • Hana to date is the only family member that was shown of Hamato Yoshi from the Mirage comics.
  • Hana's main weapon was a Japanese sword, though its not stated a specific type.
  • Hana's never seen or mentioned after this again, her fate is left unclear.


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