The Hamato Clan emblem.

In Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the Hamato Clan is a ninja family of Japanese origin descended from Hamato Karai. In the present, the clan includes Hamato Yoshi (better known as Lou Jitsu or Splinter), his four sons the Turtles, and April O'Neil.


Deceased members are in italics.

Prominent friends and allies

Prominent enemies

  • The Shredder (in opposition of whom the clan was founded)


in Japan, 500 years in the past, Hamato Karai was the daughter of Foot Clan leader Oroku Saki, who was once a peaceful jōnin, but his soul became corrupted into the Shredder after a squid-like alien named Krang gave him the Kuroi Yōroi armor. Karai opposed what her father had become, and founded the Hamato Clan with the purpose of opposing the Shredder and his dark armor.

Over the centuries, the Hamato Clan dwindled, until the present day when Hamato Yoshi was the last known survivor. For a time, he rejected his Hamato Ninpō training and sought a career in American film acting as the martial artist celebrity Lou Jitsu. But this came to an end when he found himself mutated after a confrontation with the Yōkai alchemist Baron Draxum in the Hidden City beneath New York City. Yoshi escaped with four baby turtles, who had begun to mutate with him as they amalgamated with his human DNA, and in the process became his part-biological sons and true members of the Hamato Clan in their own right.

Yoshi, who at this time preferred to go by the name Splinter, lived underground with his sons until they were teenagers, and grew old, short and fat from a sedentary life. Though they had some sporadic ninja training, he had not trained them in the Hamato Ninpō. It was during this time that they also befriended a human from the surface named April O'Neil, who became not only a close friend of the turtles but like a sister to them.

The Foot Clan would gradually revive the Shredder by reassembling the scattered pieces of his dark armor, and Splinter came to understand that the old teachings he had rejected were entirely true. During his family's ongoing conflict with the Foot Clan, they learned of a weapon to defeat the Shredder existing in the Twilight Realm, which Baron Draxum, now their ally had become acknowledged as the turtles' second father, helped them retrieve. This weapon was actually a person: Hamato Karai herself, sealed away for 500 years.

The turtles immediately accepted Karai as their grandmother and were eager to know her as family who had been absent throughout their lives. But this was short-lived, as freeing Karai had also reawakened the Shredder's consciousness, and he quickly descended on and attacked the family's underground home. Karai was mortally wounded, but in her final moments, she was found by April, who was implored by Karai to teach Hamato Ninpō to the rest of the family, revealing that April had always in fact been a member of the Hamato Clan herself.

Karai's spirit dwelt in April's mind, and together, the two Hamato women finally taught Hamato Ninpō to the four turtles. With this power, the combined Hamato Clan, including the spirits of their ancestors, joined forces to destroy the Kuroi Yōroi once and for all. This had the effect of freeing Oroku Saki's soul from its corrupting influence, allowing his spirit to move on peacefully with his daughter Karai. With this, the Hamato turtles had finally risen to their destiny of fulfilling the clan's purpose.