Halloween is a holiday that occurs on October 31st the night before All Saints Day. Celebrations are based around folklore of old days, usually with ghosts, monsters, demons and witches. Common traditions include trick or treating.


Originally, Halloween was prevalent in Catholic Ireland until Irish immigrants built the custom in the United States. Halloween is said to derive from the Irish-Celtic feast Samhain and also from earlier traditions, which have to do with the belief in the kingdom of the dead.

In the United States, Halloween is one of the most popular celebrations, in which you dress up, especially as monsters and ghosts. Halloween is particularly popular with children, as they dress in costumes from house to house to get candy. The saying "Trick or Treat" is a common saying. If the householder does not distribute any candy, he has to be punished with a prank (the "Trick").

In Mexico, on the 31st of October, the Día de los Muertos ("Day of the Dead") is celebrated to commemorate deceased friends and family members, while Protestant Christians in Germany and Austria celebrate the Reformation Day, in commemoration of the reformation of the Church by Martin Luther.

Halloween in TMNT

Halloween is often used in TMNT as a story theme because the Ninja Turtles have the opportunity to move around in the outside world and not be recognized as mutants.

Mirage Comics

Cartoon series (1987)

  • In the episode "Super Irma", Irma gained temporary super powers through an accident on Halloween.[1] In the same episode, the Turtles take advantage of Halloween to attend a party as themselves.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Magazine

Cartoon series (2003)

Cartoon series (2012)


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