Halfcourt tmnt
Weapon(s) of choice

Beehive Basketball, Tire Pump Pistol

Physical description

Mutant Giraffe



Hair color


Out of universe information
Teachers and Students
The home team advantage goes to Halfcourt, the jumpshot jammin' giraffe. With his beehive basketball pumped and primed, Halfcourt's ready for some rough one-on-one action with any Foot fool who dares to come out 'n play. Halfcourt'll pump 'em up with his tire pump pistol and dribble 'em straight to a slam dunk - that's two points for the Green Team! It's always a game of sudden death when the Shredhead tries to take on Halfcourt. But with the help of his extendo neck, Halfcourt's got the height and the skill to score. And with his attachable backboard shield, Halfcourt is always ready for a game or a good fight. He's one Turtle Team player who knows the score - Turtles win, Foot Clan loses! So all you street warriors out there, watch out for the baddest blacktop bouncer to ever bash in a backboard. He's Halfcourt and when he shoots - he scores!

Halfcourt is also accompanied by Ruff the Ref, a mutant flamingo that works as a referee with his companion figure having a sling on his left leg.

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