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generate force-fields

Weapon(s) of choice

War paddle


Referee of the Battle Nexus

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Out of universe information

2003 TV series, 2003 games, Mirage

First appearance

"The Ultimate Ninja"

Created by

Michael Ryan

Played by

Pete Zarustica

Teachers and Students

Gyoji is the referee of the Battle Nexus, and a servant of the Daimyo and the Ultimate Ninja.


Gyoji first appeared in "The Ultimate Ninja", where he served as the referee for the titular ninja's mortal duel with Leonardo, while also preventing Leonardo's friends and family from intervening. After the Daimyo's arrival, he left with his employer.

He later reappeared as the referee for the entire Battle Nexus tournament, where he briefly declared the victory of the Slontags (in actuality, the Turtles) over the Gom-Tai. Once the mistaken was brought to his attention, he removed the contestants from the area in order to reschedule their match. He later accompanied the Daimyo when his master met the Turtles, and was put in charge of having Leonardo's swords reforged.

He was later pulled into a rift that Drake opened above the Battle Nexus fighting arena.

He later seemingly appeared after Leonardo and Miyamoto Usagi arrived at the Battle Nexus to beg the Daimyo's help, and wished to aid them after the Daimyo turned against them. However, he was revealed to be the illusory form of Ultimate Drako.

Video Games

The Gyoji appears in the game Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Battle Nexus.


  • A gyōji (行司) is a traditional referee of the art of sumo.
  • Gyoji is one of the first TMNT 2k3 characters to cross over into the Mirage TMNT comics themselves.
  • In the Mirage comics, his name is misspelled "Gyogi".
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