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Gutwallow the Gingerbread Man #1

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Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

Gutwallow is an anthropomorphic gingerbread man of an independent comedy series created by Dan Berger.


As Dan Berger repeatedly explains, Gutwallow is a comic intended primarily for adults; In stark contrast to this statement, however, Berger's character and narrative style is characterized by a special humorous nature. The comic was first published by Dan Berger under the label Numbskull Press; Later in 2002 the title changed the publishing house to Digital Webbing Press.

The following titles have been published so far:

  • Gutwallow Vol.1 1-12
  • Gutwallow Vol.2 1-4
  • Tradepaperback version of Vol.1, with additional short stories
  • Fury of the Furry (Miniseries)


Gutwallow is a magical gingerbread Golem, a creature of magical baker Marie Margaret and good wizard Oogly Moogly. Before Moogly's spell, which had breathed life into the Golem, had taken its full course, the gingerbread man was abducted by the Necromancer, a nihilistic wizard who wanted to destroy all life.

The Golem therefore came to life in the castle of the Necromancer and was enslaved by him; His name "Gutwallow" was created by the fact that he had to regularly remove and clean the remains of the necromancer's experiments on his victims. After all, he was liberated by the warrior Leafale and the exotic sorceress J'Sika and accompanies her from then on in search of fame and wealth.

Character lineup

  • Gutwallow

The main hero of the series. Despite his service to the Necromancer, he is always a friendly and helpful comrade and makes himself very quickly new friends.

  • Leafale

A wild, red-haired warrior from the Emerald Islands, who travels on adventures to accumulate less fame, but more wealth.

  • J'Sika

A friendly sorceress from the jungle kingdom of Nara Dim, who is thrilled with Leafale on adventures.

  • Miyoki

A fox woman and the only survivor of her tribe, which was wiped out by the evil wizard Garloff, and who therefore seeks revenge on him. Miyoki's story (the miniseries Fury of the Furry) is a response by Berger to the events of September 11, 2001, and to the statement "Violence produces counter-violence".

  • The Necromancer

A completely crazy wizard who has put it in his head to turn all life in the world into zombies.

  • Wyrmkiller

A large, green, talking bat that was enslaved by the Necromancer just like Gutwallow. Unlike Gutwallow, Wyrmkiller is a selfish individual and uses Gutwallow, who he preaches friendship to, unscrupulously for his own goals.

  • Garloff the Gray

A mysterious wizard of alien origin who pursues evil goals with the inhabitants of Gutwallow's world.

  • Marie Margaret

A kind-hearted baker with magical abilities that lives alone in the forest. Created Gutwallow, because of her infertility as a child substitute.

  • Oogly Moogly

A powerful, friendly white magician and good friend of Marie Margaret.

  • Fintan

A mysterious, nature-loving magician who has devoted himself to the protection of nature (if necessary, even with violence). He was once married to Marie Margaret, but left her because of her infertility.

Gutwallow in TMNT

Gutwallow, Ooogly Moogly and the Necromancer met the Ninja Turtles in Night of the Living Gingerbread as characters in a spontaneously improvised fairytale that Michelangelo told his protégé Shadow to finally get her to sleep. Gutwallow also appeared in Bog Swamp Demon comics.

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