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In Eastman and Laird's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Volume 1, the Guest Era was a stretch from issues #22 to #44 (inclusive) where almost all the stories were written and illustrated by guest creators. Peter Laird has since declared these non-canon to the Mirage continuity, with the sole exceptions of #27 and #28 which were written by Mirage Studios staff. A wider definition of the Guest Era includes all Volume 1 issues that were declared non-canon for the same reasons, which adds the earlier outliers #16 and #18 to the list. The 2009 film Turtles Forever revealed that these non-Mirage comic issues are their own alternate dimensions.

In 2016, on Ask PL #15 at Peter Laird's TMNT blog, he was asked about the status of Guest Era issues #24 Down to the River, #25 River Hymn and #26 Old Man River, because their events are referenced by a later issue, #28 Sons of the Silent Age, which itself is usually assumed part of the Mirage continuity because it was written by Mirage staff. Laird made clarifying statements that those three issues fit nicely in the original Mirage TMNT continuity, but he added that, since he is no longer the owner of the TMNT property, his statement on the matter is only his opinion, and he implied that the new owners (Viacom) are now the authorities on what is or is not part of the Mirage TMNT continuity.[1]


# Title Cover Date
#16 A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Story July 1988
#18 "The Shell of the Dragon" February 1989
#22 Bill's TV Repair Ser. June 1989
#23 Totally Hacked! July 1989
#24 "Down to the River" August 1989
#25 "River Hymn" September 1989
#26 "Old Man River" October 1989
#29 "Men of Shadow" March 1990
#30 "Sky Highway" April 1990
#31 "Soul's Winter" July 1990
#32 Untitled August 1990
#33 "Turtles Take Time" June 1990
#34 "Toitle Anxiety" September 1990
#35 "Souls Withering..." March 1991
#36 "Soul's End" August 1991
#37 "Twilight of the Ring" June 1991
#38 "Spaced Out!, Part 1" July 1991
#39 "Spaced Out!, Part 2" September 1991
#40 "Spaced Out!, Part 3" & "Rockin’ Rollin’ Miner Ants (feat. The TMNT) October 1991
#41 "Turtle Dreams" November 1991
#42 "Juliet's Revenge" December 1991
#43 "Halls of Lost Legends" January 1992
#44 "The Violent Underground" February 1992

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