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The guardsmen (consisting of Garm and Freki) are a pair of bounty hunters who debut as antagonists in the Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episode, "Mystic Mayhem".


They initially are disguised as humans with small dogs strapped their chests. Upon confronting the Mad Dogs, they reveal their true monstrous forms and the dogs are transformed into battle mounts.


Garm and Freki are two guardsmen there were hired by Baron Draxum. They were first seen in New York City chasing after Mayhem, when they ran into the Mad Dogs at a construction site, causing the guardsmen to shed their human forms. After a brief fight, the guardsmen escaped into a portal to the Hidden City, where April O'Neil and a food deliveryman named Stewart had unknowingly followed them.

In "Repairin' the Baron", the guardsmen were hired by the Council of Heads, this time to hunt Draxum who had become a convicted criminal and fugitive from justice in the Hidden City. They tracked Draxum in New York City where he now lived, and finally caught up with him at Albearto Land where he was having a family outing with Michelangelo and Raphael. Mikey and Raph fought off and defeated the guardsmen to protect Draxum.

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