The Baseball Bashin’ Batter!


Team: Amphibious All-Stars
Position: Shortstop
Height: 5′ 1″ with batting helmet
Weight: 155 with bat and ball
School Team: The Pop Fly Eaters
Acquired: 2nd Round Draft Choice
Favortie Food: Bubblegum Pizza
Number of Hits: 985
Home Runs: 985
Batting Average: 1000

It’s all runs, lots of hits and no errors with Grand Slammin’ Raph – the swivel-hipped home run hitter. He’s always trying to keep things in fair territory. He doesn’t believe in walks or wimpy singles – it’s home runs or nothin’, home boy. In last year’s Championship Series, Grand Slammin’ Raph was voted MVP (Most Volatile Player). This hard-hittin’ hero always hammers horsehides out of the ballpark – even Shredder’s sewer spitballs! And so can you – when you power practice with Grand Slammin’ Raph!



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