Gosei Kenji
Gosei Kenji
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New York City, Earth




Crime boss
Director of Goseico, Inc.


Gosei Clan

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Mirage Comics

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The Passing

Created by

Kevin Eastman
Peter Laird

Teachers and Students

Gosei Hatsumi


Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

Gosei Kenji is a member of the Gosei samurai clan and a crime boss from the Mirage comics.

Gosei Kenji is the son of Gosei Hatsumi and member of the Gosei Clan, a Samurai family with a long tradition in the history of Japan. However, Kenji thought nothing of the the traditions of his family (the "old stuff", as he called it); Instead, he turned to Western capitalism and the lure of wealth, and moved to New York where he founded his company Goseico, Inc. To increase his wealth, Kenji did not shy away from illegal businesses such as drugs and gambling. His hope was that his only son Hattori would take over his business, and he tried to educate his son in this role without taking into account Hattori's personal desires in the slightest. The Passing

Meanwhile Kenji's father Hatsumi possessed Splinter and directed the pre-teenaged Turtles to infiltrate Kenji's company, Goseico. Whilst there, Donatello and Raphael overheard two of Kenji's officers, Takahashi and Iwata, who sought the leadership of Goseico discussing the assassination of Kenji and Hattori, and therefore hired a group of ninja in to kill them. After they return to Hatsumi with this news, he orders them to kill the assassins. Unfortunately, the Turtles miss one of the killers, and he guns for Hatsumi during his and Kenji's dinner. Kenji steps in the way and takes the bullets meant for his son as Leonardo stops the killer. Only years after he was familiar with the heritage of his clan, did Hattori succeed his father as head of Goseico, but renounced their criminal activities and lead the company towards a more honorable business. Change of Power

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