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Baron Draxum's laboratory, Hidden City, Earth


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Baron Draxum

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Rise of the TMNT

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Mystic Mayhem

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In Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the golems[1] are creations of Baron Draxum, which he sometimes unleashes in battle. They have the appearance of being partly organic and partly technological, similar to a cyborg. Golems can be summoned easily, produced by a small ball of matter that the Baron carries with him.

They were first seen in Mystic Mayhem, when Draxum first fought the Mad Dogs at his laboratory in the Hidden City. After joining the Foot Clan, the Baron summoned one of his golems to fetch and carry coffee for him, frightening off Coffee Légume's human customers in the process. How to Make Enemies and Bend People to Your Will

After Draxum was betrayed by the Foot in "End Game" and started a new life as family to the Hamato Clan in "Repairin' the Baron", Draxum's golems seldom appeared in the TV series' second season. But after Splinter and Draxum were captured by the Foot in their assault on the lair in "Shreddy or Not", Draxum improvised a scheme to lure the remaining Foot Clan members to his Hidden City laboratory with the false promise of the Empyrean they sought. Here, Draxum unleashed a golem to attack the Shredder, trying to use it as a diversion to free Splinter and himself and escape. Draxum and Splinter did not succeed in their escape attempt, but the resulting chaos with the golem caused the lab's roof to collapse onto the Foot Lieutenant and Foot Brute, and the Shredder ordered the two wounded minions be abandoned. Anatawa Hitorijanai

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