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Mobster from Dimension X

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Globfather is a gangster character in the 1987-1996 animated TV series episode Mobster from Dimension X. He is a living amoeba from Dimension X,[1] who has the ability to turn others into protoplasmic amoebas like himself if his slime completely covers their bodies.

He was hired by Lord Dregg to obtain an advanced protein computer that could be used to control computers through telephone lines. To this end, he hired some human mobsters to serve him, but their attempts to steal the protein computer were thwarted by the Turtles.

A second attempt to steal the computer also went badly due to the Turtles' interference. The Globfather managed to abduct Professor Alvin Huxley and the protein computer, nearly turning Raphael into a slime creature in the process. However, he soon discovered that Huxley had put the protein computer's brain into his young son Ronnie Huxley's toy car, and began hunting the boy down to reobtain it. When the Turtles showed up to rescue the boy, the Globfather endangered him in order to force the Turtles to let him have the computer brain.

He was present when Lord Dregg successfully established control over the world's computers through the phone lines. The Turtles intervened, and successfully sucked the Globfather into a large vacuum cleaner. He was last seen being transported away with Dregg, still inside the vacuum.


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