Giant Wasps preparing to shoot their stingers.

Giant Wasps are a large, insect alien species. They are similar to earth wasps having both an exoskeleton and stinger. Their stingers are extremely toxic paralyzing opponents and prey. They live in colonies and make their nests on cliffs, buildings, or other large supports. These wasps can also bury their nests into ground or buildings.


Giant Wasps appear in the 2003 cartoon series.

2003 Series

After April O'Neil and the Turtles are accidentally transported to another dimension, in the episode "April's Artifact", they are attacked by a sole Giant Wasp. This wasp carries Raphael and Donatello a short distance before the brothers bring it down.

The Turtles then seek shelter in a treehouse they find in the jungle. There they are attacked by a swarm of Giant Wasps. Raphael is stung and paralyzed during the encounter but the Turtles manage to fight the wasps off and escape.

The Turtles later stumble upon the colony nest where they locate another interdimensional device. However Michelangelo accidentally disrupts the nest and the Turtles are barely able to escape the wasps and their queen.

In "The Trouble with Augie" Donatello, April and her Uncle Augie transport once again and revisit this dimension escaping from the Brotherhood; But this time, they set magnetic charges on the device and set them off after they left. When the Brotherhood followed them to the wasp dimension, believing that it is the path to Earth, they found themselves at the mercy of the giant wasps and unable to escape.

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