Biographical information

Latino (Mexican)


The Ghost (by Raphael)
Ghost-jerk (by Michelangelo)
Fluffypoo (by Big Mama)



Weapon(s) of choice



Professional wrestler (formerly)


New York Wrestling Association (formerly)
West St. Gym Wrestling Club

Physical description

Human-born mutant polar bear


Brown (as a human)
White (as a mutant)

Eye color

Black (as a human)
Yellow sclerae (as a mutant)

Out of universe information
First appearance

Shell in a Cell (human)
Snow Day (mutant)

Voiced by
Teachers and Students

In Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ghostbear is a professional wrestler who was mutated into a polar bear. He is a recurring adversary of the Mad Dogs.

Physical Appearance


As a human, Ghostbear was a Latino man with brown chest, arm, and leg hair, black eyes, brown skin, and a large, muscular figure. He wore an orange leotard with black straps on his torso, a white fur shawl, and white wristbands. He also wore black knee-high boots with white laces and a white mask with bear ears, black and orange stripes underneath his eyes, and a black nose (reminiscent of a bear nose).


Ghostbear is a mutant polar bear with long white fur, a black nose, yellow sclerae and teeth, and a large, muscular figure. He has sharp teeth that protrude from his lower jaw, five fingers on each hand and four toes on each foot, black claws, and pink paw pads. He wears an orange leotard, light grey wristbands, torn black ankle bands, and a black mask with two orange stripes underneath his eyes.


Ghostbear is shown to be rather aggressive and also determined to reach his goals determined enough to cheat his way to victory. He has an aptitude for pettiness seen in how he relishes tormenting and antagonizing the Turtles over the smallest of things such as slowly inserting a DVD into its return slot in "Late Fee" to watch their increasingly anxious expressions and mocking them whenever they fumble.

However, despite this, Ghostbear can be rather gullible as shown in "Late Fee" when the Turtles trick him into returning their DVD rental for them.

Ghostbear also has a cowardice streak and is very self-serving shown when he tries to get Raphael killed by a troll Yōkai immediately upon encountering it to ensure he wins the fight despite it being a teamwork-focused battle in "Battle Nexus: New York".


Ghostbear debuted in "Shell in a Cell" while fighting his 200th NYWA match. After teaming up with Annihilation to defeat a fellow wrestler, Ghostbear defeated him and was about to claim his 200th match winning streak before Leonardo suddenly fell on top of him. Jessica Jaclyn proclaimed Leo the winner instead and Ghostbear was carried away from the ring on a stretcher. Ghostbear later interrupted Leo and Raph's wrestling match and he revealed his cheating means to obtain his winning record to Raph, using harsh odors against his opponents. Despite Raph offering to ally himself with him to defeat Leo for his undeserved victory, he fought both of them, but ended up losing to their Three Star Hurricane technique once Raph chose to assist Leo.

Ghostbear reappeared in "Late Fee" intending to enact his revenge on the Turtles for ruining his NYWA wrestling career. He followed them after they got off a subway train and then stole their Bedtime for Bozos DVD from them, fleeing from them on his motorcycle. In turn, he was pursued by the Turtles in their Turtle Tank and on their Shell Hogs and he managed to evade them until Leo created a portal with his mystic ōdachi and he fell into it along with Leo and Michelangelo. Ghostbear teleported in front of a DVD rental store and after being told that the Turtles wanted to avoid placing the DVD in its return box so they could continue to rewatch it, he dropped it inside to agonize them. Ghostbear learned soon after that the Turtles had deceived him into actually doing what they wanted by turning the DVD in on-time, to his frustration.

Ghostbear noticed the Mad Dogs hanging out in Bronx Park while salting the sidewalk of West St. Gym Wrestling Club in "Snow Day". Thinking they were fighting one another, he sought to aggravate their perceived in-fighting further by discreetly throwing a snowball at Raph. But instead of becoming angry with each other, the Mad Dogs initiated a playful snowball fight. Recognizing his plan wasn't going to work, Ghostbear was about to leave them alone until he was mutated by an Oozesquito. Once an Oozesquito was freed from ice melted by one of the Mad Dogs' hot chocolate drinks, it bit Ghostbear who had been stuck in a snowball until nightfall after rolling down a snow-covered hill. He confronted the Mad Dogs in his new form and while he was joyfully greeted by Raph, he realized that he gained the power to make his body intangible at will. Ghostbear quickly understood that the Mad Dogs wanted to protect their Jupiter Jim snowman from damage and destroyed it, starting a true skirmish with them. During the fight, his vision was obscured using a Jupiter Jim's Pluto Vacation IV flag by Mayhem and he was soon after bound by the chain of Mikey's kusari-fundo, preventing him from evading a torrent of water and being frozen solid by Donatello's Tech-Bō.

Ghostbear was forced to be partners with Raph in Big Mama's Battle Nexus Wizbang in "Battle Nexus: New York" after being captured by her mystic orb. His and Raph's opponent was a troll Yōkai, but Ghostbear was reluctant to work with Raph and attempted to sacrifice him to the troll to put a quick end to the fight. However, his plan failed and he and Raph resorted to fleeing from the troll. Ghostbear was daunted by the troll's strength advantage until Raph motivated him by reminding him of his past Knoble Knockout Five victory and he agreed to use his signature Hibernator move against their foe. However, Ghostbear was flung into the nearby river with Raph by the troll's club where he then fled the Battle Nexus match on his own.


  • Enhanced strength: Ghostbear is exceptionally strong, able to nullify the impact of small missiles being launched at him just by flexing his muscles as shown in "Shell in a Cell" and halve trees with a single swipe as shown in "Snow Day".
  • Intangibility: Ghostbear can voluntarily phase through solid material, and, as seen in his mutant debut in "Snow Day", he can also evade attacks using this ability.
  • Wrestling: Ghostbear was a professional wrestler, but did not always fight fairly; for example he used strong odors to defeat opponents.
    • The Hibernator: One of Ghostbear's iconic moves developed in his past Knoble Knockout Five match. It is a drop strike where Ghostbear drives his elbow into his opponent.



  • The Mad Dogs: Although Ghostbear's grudge began with Leo, Ghostbear grew to despise all the Mad Dogs for destroying his professional wrestling career in "Shell in a Cell" and seeks to destroy something they love in return. Ghostbear often refers to the Turtles as "tortugas".
    • Raphael: Ghostbear met Raph in "Shell in a Cell" when he faced Leo, who went by the alias "Primetime", as Red Reign to defend Ghostbear's champion belt for him and joined the fight. However, Ghostbear didn't appreciate Raph's efforts, nor does he care that Raph idolizes him, and habors malice towards him all the same.
    • Donatello: Ghostbear was frozen completely through by Donnie's use of his Tech-Bō in "Snow Day".
    • Leonardo: Ghostbear's strong wrestling winning streak was broken by Leo when he stole his victory from in by landing where Ghostbear stood in the ring in "Shell in a Cell". He quickly engaged in a rematch with Leo to reclaim the victor's belt from him and found Leo to be an easy opponent to dominate, but lost the match once he teamed up with Raph. Later, after Ghostbear stole Leo and his brothers' DVD in "Late Fee", Ghostbear was pursued by Leo in a motorcycle chase and was eventually swallowed by a mystic portal of his, arriving at a New York DVD rental store.
    • Michelangelo: Ghostbear was chased by Mikey during their motorcycle pursuit in "Late Fee". Later in "Snow Day", Ghostbear crushed Mikey beneath his weight, but was eventually restrained by his kusari-fundo.
    • April O'Neil: Ghostbear was able to evade April's attempt to strike him with her baseball bat during their fight in "Snow Day" by becoming intangible. However, he was distracted by April later, allowing the rest of the Mad Dogs to execute their attacks on him.
    • Mayhem: Ghostbear's eyes were covered by Mayhem using a Jupiter Jim film flag and teleporting onto his shoulders in "Snow Day".
  • Big Mama: Ghostbear was kidnapped by Big Mama's mystic orb and entered into a Battle Nexus match to face a troll in "Battle Nexus: New York".
  • Troll: Ghostbear's adversary in Big Mama's Battle Nexus Wizbang in "Battle Nexus: New York" was a troll Yōkai. He was quite intimidated by it and wanted to forfeit the fight, convinced he couldn't best it.



  • Ghostbear is allergic to shellfish ("Shell in a Cell").
  • Ghostbear is the first character in the Rise of the TMNT series to have his mutation outside his debut episode.
  • Ghostbear recurrently says "Peak-a-boo".
  • Ghostbear reveals in "Snow Day" that he has a fear of the dark.