Getting Down in Your Town


Gettin' Down in Your Town is a 1992 to 1993 TMNT live musical tour. It followed up Coming Out of Their Shells.

This tour ran through Six Flags Amusement Parks throughout the country. After the first tour, Shredder's gone and the Turtles are still traveling with their message about music being better than fighting. They have three new songs for the show: "Getting Down in Your Town", "Pizza USA", and "We stick together". They also perform "Sing About it", the only song from the Coming Out of Their Shells soundtrack that was not performed in the show itself. Instead of having April O'Neil in this show, they're traveling with Casey Jones. And they do end up having to deal with The Shredder, who tricks them to bring him back from their trap he fell into in the first show.

The video of this show is done really sloppily, as it seems the Turtles are just throwing themselves into their moves. Casey is wearing his mask the entire show. And there are some cut scenes from the show that will not be seen in the video. According to Eric, who played Raphael in this show, the video was recorded without the crowd and with many reshoots. He also mentioned that Casey Jones had to keep his face covered because of Union issues.

The live version of "Getting Down in Your Town" was much more enjoyable. Casey Jones looked the part without the mask and would interact often with the crowd, going down off the stage during songs and goofing around with those in the front few rows. The Turtles were more on top of their game, and it felt like the same vibe you got from watching Coming Out of Their Shells Live. There was hope of doing another full big tour around the country, as they even had more songs written and recorded for the show, but nothing ever came of it.