The Tubular Surfin' Dude

Vital Frogtistics

Weapons: Tongue Gun, Radical Razor-sharp Boogie Board, Surfin' Shades, Beach Bandolier with Cola Can Grenades
Birthplace: Surf Swamp of Okeefenokee, Florida
Height: 5' 5"
Age: 3 Leap Years
Weight: 175 lbs. (not including warts)
Favorite Song: Sewer Surfin' USA
Favorite Movie: Swamp Thing

Genghis Frog, once a humble, naive tadpole, was accidentally mutated, then intentionally tricked by the evil Shredder to join his cohorts in horror. Once exposed to the sinister, wicked ways of Shredder, Genghis soon realized that the Turtles were his true friends.

Now this radical amphibious leader of the frogs is showing everyone his true colors. He's a sewer-surfin' fool and courageous dude who doesn't mind ridin' the waves to splash the Foot. Undaunted by the fear of croaking, Genghis Frog arms himself with his Tongue Gun to lick the evil Shredder. Riding his Radical Razor-sharp Boogie Board, this frog's ready to cut the Foot Clan to rib-bits!


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