Original 1989 issue card

Rock 'em Sock 'em Rock Soldier

Vital Rocktistics

Weapons: Laser Blaster, Stunlaser Rifle, Anti-Turtle Combat Knife
Birthplace: Under a Volcano in Dimension X
Altitude: 6 feet
Weight: 2 Cement Trucks or 100 Sumo Wrestlers
IQ: Microscopic
Favorite Music: Rock 'n Roll

As unstoppable as a landslide, General Traag, leader of Krang's Rock Soldier armies in Dimension X, has one thing on his tiny mind — demolish Turtles. Summoned by Krang to exterminate the Turtles and prepare the way for an invasion from Dimension X, General Traag is grinding like a glacier over everything in his path.

This stone-cold killer digs through solid rock with his Anti-Turtle Combat Knife looking for Turtles. In a battle of wits, he may be unarmed but beware of his Laser Blaster. You are in for a shock should you end up on the wrong end of this atom smasher. Traag's Stunlaser gun leaves his enemies dazed, dopey and defenseless — perfect for Turtle shish-kabobs or as victims for Krang's diabolical schemes.



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