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Great Britain





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Mutant swan




5' 3"


125 lbs.

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After the Bomb


Palladium Books

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Mutants in Avalon

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James Wallis

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Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

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Genaever is the queen of Great Britain and the wife of Arthur Pendragon.


Tomboyish and assertive, Genaever is used to getting her way, not really because of her status, but because she uses her feminine wiles and/or domineering personality to persuade others or enforce her will. She's generally sweet and kind, but those who find themselves on her bad side will absolutely regret it.

Genaever is 100% loyal to the British crown and will do literally anything in her power to serve the needs of the West Country. That said, while she loves and respects her husband, she feels like her true love is Lancelot. However, the two of them have been able to keep their feelings in check for the good of all involved.

Genaever suspects Morgana of killing her biological father and brother and distrusts her with every fiber of her being even if they've never met.


  • Basic hand-to-hand combat
  • Knife and firearm proficiency: Even though she does not often carry weapons, she is adept to using a knife, automatic pistol, or bolt action rifle.
  • Charisma


"Genaever" is not a known accepted spelling of the name Guinevere, and it is unclear where Palladium Books came up with it, although it could be a play on the words "gene" an "ever", which seems likely given the similar theme of the former with their RPG supplements.

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