TMNT Gauntlet
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New York

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Strength-enhancing Power Gloves


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Membership Drive

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Gauntlet is a brawler hero who tried to join the Justice Force. He appeared in the 2003 TV series.

Character history

Gauntlet was one of three hopeful applicants (along with Moleculo and Bowmaster) trying to join the Justice Force when the team decided to expand its membership roster. However good their intentions were, all three were heavily criticized by Zippy Lad, who told them that their gadgets alone wouldn't make them heroes.

Just at that time, Nano had been accidentally reconstituted by Baxter Stockman, but a reprogramming attempt gone haywire was scrambling his judgment, making him alternately trying to seek out the Justice Force for help and attacking them. The first three heroes he met were Gauntlet and his companions, who — with the exception of Moleculo — immediately took up the fight against him. The fight was over for Gauntlet before it had even truly begun, because Nano pounded him into the ground with one blow before he could even spring into action.

Gauntlet's current status with the Justice Force remains unknown.


Gauntlet is essentially a hot-head, overconfident and eager for any challenge in which he could prove his strength.


Gauntlet wears two power-servo gauntlets which increased his arm and gripping strength.

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