For the TV episode of the same name see Garbageman (2003 episode).

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Mobile - Mechanical 'Crab' legs system


Illegal dirty-energy producer
Leader of "Junklantis"
Foul-odor emitter

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8' + depending on mobile device





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Garbageman is a minor villain in the 2003 TV series. He is morbidly obese and he is always seen riding in a high-tech contraption such as a mecha-like tank or a submarine as he has no legs.[1] True to his name, he is also very filthy.


The Garbageman had dreams of his own kingdom. He chose to make his home on an island used as a landfill. For subjects, he kidnapped homeless people and forced them to work as his slaves. When he kidnapped the Professor, he attracted the Turtles' attention. Ultimately, they put an end to his plans. Later, he was accidently knocked into Hudson Bay. The Turtles, under the impression that his size limited his ability to swim, dived into the water to rescue the Garbageman. However, when they reached the bottom, his chair was empty.

The Garbageman oversees his polluting, energy making operations.

The Garbageman later appeared in his own underwater city, Junklantis, which was made from wrecked ships. Donatello and Michelangelo, riding in the Shell Sub, encounter Garbageman's realm of refuse. The two Turtles are captured and held prisoner in Junklantis, where they discover that the shipwrecks to which have birth to the city were caused by the Garbageman himself. Don and Mike escape in their Shell Sub and destroy Junklantis, but are chased by the Garbageman in his own submarine. They defeat the Garbageman and his sub falls into a trench on the ocean floor.

Lost episode

Garbageman was slated to appear in the Lost Season episode, "Nightmares Recycled". The plot was supposed to resolve around the revelation that the Garbageman and Hun were born as conjoined twins, separated at birth by a crooked, back-alley surgeon. The baby who would later become the Garbageman was thrown in the trash, whereas Hun was kept and raised.

The third draft detailed on Laird's blog had Garbageman as the smaller conjoined twin attached to Hun's body. When they were preteens, Hun contacted a sadistic surgeon to separate them. After the operation, the healthy Hun wrapped up his legless brother in dirty blankets and cruelly abandoned him in a dumpster. Laird had issue with Hun's complete lack of empathy for his brother, he felt that Hun should have some small attachment to the twin he grew up with as it wasn't his fault he was the weaker of the pair.

Peter Laird stated that it would have also been the episode where the Garbageman died, by being tossed into a vat of acid, though Laird opposed this ending as he felt it would be a shame to kill off the character after such an interesting revelation and that it was too violent to show.

Some of Laird's suggestion for the episode had Hun reluctantly give Garbageman to the malevolent surgeon as payment. With Garbageman eventually turning the tables on the surgeon and his experiment, using the surgeon's resources for his later villainous career. Laird felt the acid ending should only be kept if it's revealed to the audience that Garbageman is immune to acid and survived.[2][3]

For various reasons was deemed by the powers-that-be at 4Kids as inappropriate for children's programming, and thus, the episode was scrapped before being completed.



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