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Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

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In the IDW continuity, there is a gang of four mercenaries who work for Null Group as elite soldiers. Enhanced with cybernetic implants, they are human-born mutants who can use machines to regulate the mutagen levels in their bodies, allowing them to shift between human and mutant form at will. Their call signs are Deadaim, Fist, Lynch and Waster, with Colonel Fist as commander.

In The Jersey Devil, Madame Null hires them to hunt down Dreadmon for recruitment, and come into conflict with Dreadmon as well as Man Ray and Sally Pride of the Mighty Mutanimals who are also seeking to recruit Dreadmon.


  • Unlike their Archie TMNT counterparts, this incarnation of the Gang of Four has not been specifically referred to as a "gang of four."