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Gabrielle lau

Gabrielle Lau
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Neptune, Portland




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Brown (as human)

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Mirage Studios

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North by Downeast, Part 1

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Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

Gabrielle Lau was a fisherwoman who saved Casey Jones from the ocean and pulled him aboard her boat, the Lobster Princess. She tells him the story of the Malacostra, a race of lobster people from the planet Neptune, who were led by a giant member of their species known as Big Snapper. Big Snapper had realized that Neptune was becoming uninhabitable to his people, so he journeyed to find a new home, which ended up being Earth. When his subjects fled years later, they found that Big Snapper had mated with local lobsters and was ruling his own kingdom. Cursing his former subjects, he forced them to become land-dwelling blue humanoids. This curse could only be undone by finding the "Royal Roe" - the last lobster on earth that carries Big Snapper's bloodline.

After Gabrielle's story, the Lobster Princess is attacked by a Coast Guard ship, which is actually piloted by the Malacostra. They've found the Royal Roe and make an effort to summon Big Snapper. Snapper restores their natural lobster form, and they battle Casey. Casey ends up getting pinched on the toe by a regular little lobster, but keeps fighting the Malacostra, and then Big Snapper himself, who had been masquerading as Hog Island for years in a slumber. Casey, with the lobster still on his toe, fires off the Coast Guard ship's depth charges, killing Big Snapper.

Gabrielle invites Casey to join her in a hot tub, but first, he decides to cook and eat the little lobster. Gabrielle is mortified and reveals herself as being a member of the Malacostra, herself, and in fact Big Snapper's queen and the mother of the Royal Roe - the tiny lobster Casey just cooked. Gabrielle attacks Casey as he swings a meat cleaver at her.


  • Interestingly, Gabrielle shares a name (and nickname, Gabby) with Casey's wife and mother of Shadow, Gabrielle Jones.
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