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[I've always thought of myself as a good man. A man who knows how to do the right thing.]

[But it's easy to do the right thing when evil is an abstract notion. When courage and sacrifice are theoretical concepts.]

[Over the past two years, I've seen more evil than I could have ever imagined. It's become a part of my daily existence.]

[Am I still a good man? A man who does the right thing?]

[...I honestly don't know.]

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[Two years ago.]

[I've been a scientist my entire life. It used to bring me such joy.]

Karn "OK, Dr. Honeycutt."

Karn "...I'm shutting down the fire so we can test how the alloy affects skin tissue."

[The thrill of discovery. Of starting with nothing and creating something new and wonderful.]

[Like SAL, one of my first creations. A robotic construct controlled by my mind. Designed to change shapes and forms, allowing us to test other creations.]

[He was built for discovery. Focused solely on expanding knowledge. I liked to think we had that in common.]

Simulated Anthropomorphic Lifeform "The alloy is completely heat-proof. Harmless. And with that final test--"

Zayton Honeycutt "—I think we can declare this project a success."

[Even when I first arrived here—after Krang conscripted me—I still loved my work. I thought I was helping him save his race.]

[But then I discovered his true plans.]

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Simulated Anthropomorphic Lifeform
Te[...]ting St[...]

Rebus "That was incredible! SAL's an amazing invention, Dr. Honeycutt."

Karn "This is a place where amazing things happen."

Rebus "The way it can assume Neutrino form, change its skin, its hair, simulate fabrics. It—"

Honeycutt "Well, it has severe limitations. Neutrino form drains the power pretty fast. You still need the robot form to recharge."

Honeycutt "I'd love to keep working on it. Improve the power system. Explore new applications. But..."

Honeycutt "...Krang has other priorities."

Karn "Important priorities. We're doing good work here."

Honeycutt "...Right."

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Baxter Stockman >—And severe staffing issues. I'll need to hire more scientists, more lab assistants. So that's problem number one.<

Baxter >Problem number two is the animal testing. If you want us to circumvent the Animal Welfare Act, that's fine. But the added risk means we'll need to renegotiate—<

Krang "Stop bouncing around between excuses, Stockman. I'm paying you to reduce headaches, not create more. Fix your problems and finish the job."

Krang "I have enough idiot scientists working for me here."

Krang "Isn't that right, Dr. Honeycutt?"

Honeycutt "I—I just came to inform you that the titanium alloy tests were successful, General Krang. We can start mass-fabricating it for the Technodrome."

Honeycutt "It could also revolutionize medicine, manufacturing, space exploration. The possibilities are—"

Krang "Quite limited. For what this research is costing, there's only one application that matters."


[Right. One application that matters. War. Terror. Genocide.]

[I should have done something. I was so close to him, for so many months.]

[But instead...]

Krang "Why are you still here, Honeycutt?"

[I did nothing.]

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Ely Honeycutt "Hexa... And..."

Honeycutt "You know this, Ely."

Ely "Parcinon?"

Honeycutt "Excellent!"

Ely "And you're going to help Krang conquer them all?"

Honeycutt "I..."

Honeycutt "It's bedtime, buddy. Why don't you head on inside?"

Marra Honeycutt "All his friends' parents work for Krang. All his neighbors, all his teachers."

Marra "He talks to his friends. He hears things. Some of which are true."

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Honeycutt "I know, Marra. I guess I just thought he was smarter than that."

Marra "He's six. He's a six-year-old, and he's exposed to evil on a daily basis."

Honeycutt "I... I don't know what you expect me to say to that."

Marra "Neither do I. This is the same topic we've been dancing around for months. Ever since we were abducted and brought here—"

Honeycutt "I was conscripted."

Marra "Conscripted? Come on. It's me."

Marra "I talked to my friend again today. The one who knows those people. Those people who want to help us."

Honeycutt "Marra—"

Marra "We need to talk to them. We need to—"

Honeycutt "Marra. Stop. What you're saying is so dangerous Krang would find us. And send that psychopath Granitor after us. You don't go into that place every day. You don't know—"

Marra "I know evil when I see it. I know the way it spreads, the way it... Infects. Like it's infecting our son."

Marra "Fighting evil is never easy. It can be painful. And ugly. But it's the right thing to do."

Marra "Isn't it?"

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[I still wasn't sure. Was this the right thing to do? Was fleeing the best way to fight back?]

[But I loved my wife.]

[So I agreed.]

"Doctor Honeycutt?"

"Welcome to the resistance."

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[Twenty months ago.]

[We found ourselves in an abandoned research facility, now run by the Neutrino Resistance.]

[I was back among my own people. They were thrilled to have my scientific knowledge. And equally thrilled to keep it from Krang.]

[Our hosts put me to work building an interdimensional portal. Krang had a gateway to Earth, and the rebels wanted to level the playing field.]

[We had done the right thing. Escaped Krang, fled back to Neutrino, joined the resistance.]

[I thought we were safe. I thought it was enough.]

[I should have known better.]

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Honeycutt "Even with these adjustments the portal still only works about sixty percent of the time."

Felix "That's not good enough!"

Honeycutt "Well, obviously. We've been at this half the night, Felix. I'll go back through the data tomorrow. We should be ready for another round of testing in two to three weeks."

Felix "Three weeks?"

Honeycutt "Two to three."

Felix "I wish I had the luxury of patience, Honeycutt. But some of us are trying to win a war, not prove a theorem."

Honeycutt "I understand what's at stake if—"

Felix "I don't think you do. I think—"


Felix "Krang! He found us!"

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Felix "We need to get out of here. Now."

Honeycutt "I have to get my family."

Felix "You can't! They're locked in."

Honeycutt "What?"

Felix "When the lab section is compromised, the living quarters lock down. It's a safety protocol. We have to—"

Honeycutt "—Let them burn? Where's the override? There has to be an override!"

Felix "In the command center. Which is that way."

Honeycutt "Then I'm going that way."

Felix "Those flames will kill you. You won't survive."

Honeycutt "Not in this body."

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Felix "Honeycutt, you can't. The fire is spreading too fast. Your body will burn and you'll be trapped in—"

Honeycutt "I know."

Honeycutt "Now go."

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Marra "Why won't you open? Open!"

Ely "Mom—"

Marra "It's okay, Ely, we're—we're going to get out of this."

Honeycutt "Open the doors... Override. Override."

Honeycutt "That does it. Does... Does that do it?"

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Granitor "This is Sergeant Granitor. That's most of them. Do it now before they scatter. I'll take my men in and look for Honeycutt."

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[There was nothing I could do but stand there while my family...]

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[I made my way back to the lab, to try to escape. Only a sixty-perfect chance it would work. But I didn't have much of a choice.]

Granitor "That's Honeycutt's robot."

Granitor "No—that's Honeycutt!"

[Then I saw Granitor and his men. And I wanted to tear them apart. I wanted to hear them scream, like they made Ely and Marra scream. I didn't care if I died trying.]

[But if I did that, Krang would win. There would be no one to stop him.]

Granitor "Follow the robot!"

"Sir, the mission—"

Granitor "The robot is the mission!"

[So I decided to survive.]

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"Are you fellas promoting a movie?"

"Look at the costumes!"

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[So there I was. Alone in the most crowded city I had ever seen.]

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[Eighteen months ago.]

[I knew Krang would be looking for me. Using every option he had available.]

Krang >He's a fugitive android, Dr. Stockman. We've labeled him the Fugitoid. He's smart, wily, and violent. And he has information I need.<

Krang >So tell your freaks and thugs to be on the lookout.<

Baxter "I really dislike that man."

Chet Allen "Yeah, b-b-but—fugitive android. Fugitoid. That's clever. Heh."

Baxter "Hmm. Well, in any case. How hard will it be to find a robot in Manhattan?"

Page 19

[Present day.]

[I've been here more than a year and a half. Still alive. Still free. For what that's worth.]

[My first months here were extraordinarily painful. I was mourning my family. Mourning my old life. And slowly coming to terms with my new robotic form.]

[I had been willing to sacrifice my body, if it meant saving my family. To lose my family and become trapped in my own creation? It was almost more than I could take.]

[Only one thing was certain: I knew that I had to stop Krang. It's why I survived. It's what kept me going.]

[But what could I do? A lone, grief-stricken scientist, stranded on an alien world, and cursed with the body of a shapeshifting robot.]

[Then I realized—my robot body wasn't a curse. Not at all. As Honeycutt, I couldn't get near Krang, or anyone he knows. But in this body?]

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Chet (Honeycutt) "H-Hi. I'm Chet Allen."

Chet "He's expecting me."

Page 21

Chet "Mr. Stockman. I'm h-h-here to apply for a job."

Chet "S-S-Stupid damaged voice box."

[I could give myself a new look. A new identity.]

[I could go anywhere. March right into the belly of the beast, as spy and saboteur.]

Chet "Here you go, little Splinter."

Chet "We're going to learn so much from you."

[But I still couldn't do it alone. To do real damage, I needed allies.]

[There were good people at Stockman's lab. People who would have helped me, if they'd known the truth.]

[But I couldn't get them involved. I couldn't put more innocents in danger.]

Honeycutt "Yes. It s-s-sounds like we're on the same page. I think we could definitely help each other."

[Instead I reached out, looking for help. Looking for people who weren't innocent.]

[I found a group that was willing to help me. Willing to support my new branch of the resistance, here on Earth.]

[They're not... Pleasant people. I have no illusions about that.]

[But Krang is evil. He's killed so many. Killed my family. And if he isn't stopped he'll kill countless more.]

[My wife was right. Fighting evil is never easy. It's painful. And ugly.]

[Sometimes you have to make compromises.]

Leonardo "Where is he? Where's the rat?"

Page 22

[So if these people can help me take Krang down...]

[...Then it's the right thing to do...]

[...Isn't it?]

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