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[Krang's Palace. Utrominon.]

Zog "No, Zom..."

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Zog "...This isn't the way."

Zog "Besides, he's probably sound asleep."

Zom "How did you find me?"

Zog "Aside from you telling me what you were going to do? Well, I did teach you most everything you know."

Zog "And seeing how those two weren't pounded into a pulp, I figured you were taking a more distant approach to things."

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Zog "We need to talk. But not here."

Zog "Come on."

Zog "We've got a problem on our hands."

Zom "I know. I'm sorry, I just panicked and—"

Zog "I wasn't talking about that. I mean us. Our kind."

Zog "We deserve better."

Zom "Our history. It's all lies, Zog."

Zog "We need to get to the archive center."

Zog "Not just to clean up the mess you made, but I need to see those files. I need to see the truth with my own eyes."

Zog "I'm just glad I found you in time."

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[Utrom Archives Center.]

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 [...]

Zog "I'm still in shock."

Zom "I told you that it's a lot to take in."

Zog "I mean the fact that you were able to straighten this room up before you left."

Zog "What did you do with the body?"

Zom "I was going to incinerate it, but I don't have access to do that."

Zog "That can work in our favor, actually."

Zom "It can?"

Zog "I have an idea we need to get you out of here. We need to get as many of us as we can off of this planet."

Zog "But it has to happen soon. Tonight."

Zom "What? I thought this was our time. Our chance to take charge of our own future."

Zom "You see the same thing I did. The truth is right there on that screen."

Zog "We won't live under their rule, I promise you that, Zom. But I'm not ready to sacrifice any one of our herd by staging a full-on assault."

Zom "You have doubt, Zog. That's not like you."

Zog "It's not doubt. It's fear. Fear of losing you."

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Zom "But we'll fight at each other's side. And we will win."

Zog "No. You won't be here."

Zom "I will fight wherever our herd is threatened, General."

Zog "And you'll follow our code as well. As long as I'm your general, I'll give the commands, Zom."

Zom "You heartless—"

Zog "Zom, hear me out."

Zom "All that you saw. All of the lies, and you still choose not to act."

Zom "Let me go. I'll handle this for us."

Zog "We will handle this, Zom. But we have to gather the herd first."

Zog "I have a plan. But we need to all be in this together if it's going to work."

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[Triceraton Barracks.]

01 02 03 [...]

Zog "Triceratons!"

Zog "We face a turning point this evening. A pivotal time for our kind that forces us to act is upon us, and tonight we must make a choice."

Zog "Forge our own path and fight for our freedom, or remain slaves to the Utrom Empire."

Zog "We've been told that we were clones. And most of us are, but there was an anomaly before. A natural birth between two of our own kind. I am that anomaly."

Zog "And my parentsalong with others—were killed when their ship was destroyed."

Zog "By enemy forces they said. But I think it was because the same Utrom masters that we now serve felt like they were losing control. They needed a new start to reclaim dominance over that herd..."

Zog "...So they purged it. Murdered them to start again with a new herd."

Zog "Us. And each of us are truly unique. Not clones. Individuals."

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Zog "Tonight, Zom discovered their secrets."

Zog "And before their archivist could sound an alarm, Zom killed him in self-defense."

Zog "Time is of the essence. Our window to react and gain any opportunity is rapidly closing, so we need to act now. My plain is simple. We divide the herd to protect ourselves and strike when the moment is right."

Zog "Two teams will depart. Soon. Leaving this planet to ensure that half of our herd is safely away from here. The remaining half will lead the assault against the Utroms in the following days."

Zog "Commander Zom will lead the initial team, engaging the Utrom garrison that just arrived in yesterday's combat zone."

Zog "The second team will provide backup should Zom's team need it."

Zog "We'll need a location to fall back on if we lose ground here, so that planet will do well for us."

Zog "With separatists rallying across this galaxy and the Utrom Empire spreading themselves thin, now is the time to fight. We can find allies in those that we've thought of as enemies. And we can find strength and courage in one another."

Zog "I'm asking you as your leader to take up arms and join in the fight. Only together will we finally have what our ancestors never had... Freedom. We have the chance at a new life, but we need to fight for it. We need to fight from the heart..."

Triceratons "...For the herd!"

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Zom "Look at them."

Zog "I know. Noe one of them spoke out against this."

Zom "No, I mean them."

Zom "We couldn't have been the only ones in the herd, Zog."

Zog "I suppose not. Look, there's not a lot of time to say goodbye, so I'll just say trust me. It'll work out."

Zom "I know. But I just hope you're right about splitting our forces like this."

Zog "It's only temporary. In a few days' time, it will all get sorted. Just give me that time. But you have a ride to catch."

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Krang "What?!"

Krang "These are your soldiers, Zog. And you let this happen?"

Krang "They assassinated one of our archivists! I want their heads!"

Zog "Commander Zom is in pursuit of the traitors now, General."

Krang "They stole a ship. One of my ships! I knew I should have kept guards at the landing zone."

Krang "What are you going to do about this treason, Zog? I want answers!"

Zog "General, I'm just reporting what I was told. Commander Zom was in the archives room when one of the platoon came in firing."

Zog "I can only assume that he was upset over one of our losses."

Krang "Upset over your losses? Really? Do I look stupid to you?"

Zog "No, General Krang. It was only a guess as to why this happened."

Krang "I want Zom to bring in that soldier alive, General. That way I can deal with him. Or anyone else that's involved."

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Zog "I'll let her know, General. Now if you'll excuse me, we have a lot to do."

Krang "Zog. I can still trust you, yes?"

Zog "Of course, why do you ask?"

Krang "I just want to know that you're on my side is all."

Zog "If there is any threat to your life, I'll be right there with you, General."

Zog "You can count on that."

Zog "Sergeant, hold back and monitor the palace. Let me know if they add more guards or if Krang is on the move."

Triceraton Sergeant "Yes, General."

Zog "I need to signal Commander Zom..."

Zog "...And tell her that we're ready."

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Zom "Go ahead, Command."

Zom "Copy that."

Zom "Good luck, dear one."

Zom "Triceratons, we're landing. Get ready."

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"My dear Zog."

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"I wish you were there with us."

"There with me."

"We hit them fast, just like we do. They had no idea we were there."

"We had the drop on them before they started to fight back."

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"Our first target was their communications array."

"But even with our first loss there..."


"We had our first victory."

"The herd fought harder than I've seen them fight before."

"Your words sank in, Zog. You inspired them."

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"It was a battle that would change our lives..."

"...And things would never be the same again."


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"But before we knew it..."

"...We had won."

"Next up was the waiting. Waiting for your signal."

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"We waited for days, eventually joining up with our second platoon."

"When word came that yous tarted the war, we all continued to wait."

"It killed me to sit back and wonder what was happening."

"Finally word came back that you had won. We had no doubt that it would happen, but that message was music to my ears."

"You won. We won. We had our new life."

"And then..."

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"I broke rank and gave the order to return."

"We had heard that you won, yet were nowhere to be seen."

"I figured it was safe to come back and I was right."

"Our young ones were unharmed, thankfully."

"We took them under our watch to make sure they stayed protected."

"The herd made me their new leader. Well, at least until you return. And I keep telling myself that you will."

"But until then, I have to lead us away from this planet if need be to give our herd a chance."

"I'm leaving you this to let you know that we're alive thanks to you and your desire to have us be free. We survived and will thrive thanks to you."

"I will never forget you, nor will the herd. And I wish that one day you will join us again and we—you and I—can start our new lives..."

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"...No matter where that may be."

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