From the Heart, For the Herd, part 1

Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

From the Heart, for the Herd is a story arc in IDW Publishing's TMNT Universe comic series. The story ties into the Invasion of the Triceratons story arc in the main IDW TMNT series.


Part One - Issue #16

TMNTU -16 Regular Cover by Freddie Williams II

Released November 22nd, 2017

Journey back to the height of the Triceraton rebellion against the Utroms and learn the secret history of the Triceraton commander who will have a major impact on the lives of the TMNT!

Part Two - Issue #17

TMNTU -17 Regular Covery by Freddie Williams II

Released December 20th, 2017
Zog and Zom discover the secret history of the Triceraton race's origin, with deadly ramifications for planet Earth! Ties into the TMNT ongoing's 'Invasion of the Triceratons!'



  • Before publication, this story arc's solicited name was Freedom before receiving its final name.
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