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In the IDW continuity, Toad Baron employs an entire staff of anthropomorphic frog minions at his Den of Delights, first appearing in Toad Baron's Ball, part 1. Their head of staff is a moustachioed frog named Alberto. Two other frog minions, Bob and Franz, have also been identified.


The minions are anthropomorphic frogs. While the frogs are not initially stated to be non-mutants, in Pantheon Family Reunion, part 1, Toad Baron expressed his dislike for dealing with mutants after his experience with Alopex and her human friend Angel Bridge. The frogs vary in build, ranging from short to tall, obese to skinny; otherwise, they are not easily told apart by individual appearance.

Minions mostly appear to share a standard work uniform, including a red vest, a red fez, a white long-sleeved under buttonshirt, white trousers, and no shoes. Pantheon Family Reunion added another detail: red bowties. Some minions wear variations of the uniform depending on their task; for instance, cooks wear a toque blanche instead of a fez. During a party where drunken revelry is expected and the minions help maintain this atmosphere, minions can also be seen in various states of undress; some are seen wearing only their fez, a tank top and boxer shorts, and some wear no clothes at all. Practically none sport moustaches save for Alberto, whose manicured Dalí moustache is the only feature that readily visually distinguishes him from most of the other minions.

While virtually all the frog minions wear what appear to be men's outfits (or men's undergarments, when they indeed wear clothing at all), it is not entirely clear that they are all, as a rule, male. Sophie Campbell has stated that their genders were never specified in her script for Toad Baron's Ball. But that story arc's artist, Pablo Tunica, drew the frogs in masculine dress, and this visual theme appears to have carried over into later stories.


In addition to serving Toad Baron, their duties adapt to whatever situation is required, including (but implicitly not limited to) cooking, catering, performing music, getting drunk, participating in party revelry, masochistic tickle torture, and making out with each other.



  • The frog minions were created by Sophie Campbell for Toad Baron's Ball, but she only wrote the script, referring to the Toad Baron's servants as "frogs" or "frog minions" without specifying their appearance. (The latter term is the source of this article's title.) Campbell, who also designed the Toad Baron, strongly dislikes frogs. The frog minions' actual appearance and outfits were designed by Toad Baron's Ball page artist Pablo Tunica, and Alberto's unique appearance was designed by Pantheon Family Reunion page artist Dave Wachter building on Tunica's existing design.

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