Freaks and Frogs

Freaks and Frogs is a back up story printed in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Amazing Adventures issue #3.


Major Characters

Minor Characters

  • Man in frog suit
  • Three bullies
  • Security guard



Michelangelo and Napoleon Bonafrog are touring Central night, in the dark. Napoleon is frustrated that all his Polaroid photos are so poorly-lit, and wishes Splinter would just let them go sightseeing in daylight. Mikey cautions Napoleon that Splinter forbids daytime public sightseeing because of the risk of humans seeing them. Napoleon wishes the world were already filled with other mutants living in public, and tells Mikey how he and the Punk Frogs never have to hide where they live now in Louisiana, now deciding that New York City is better in the movies than in person. Mikey has an idea—they can forget sightseeing and Central Park, and go have fun in Coney Island.

Arriving at the amusement park, Mikey promises opportunities for fun and junkfood. Napoleon likes the idea, but asks how they can do all that why still not being seen. Mikey reminds Napoleon he's a ninja and knows how to stay hidden.

With Mikey's guidance, he and Napoleon are hanging (very dangerously) behind the rear-most car of the roller coaster. This begins a montage of new well-lit Polaroid photos—on the roller coaster, sneaking around the ferris wheel, and secretly playing ring toss without anyone noticing them.

Sitting up in a tree, Mikey tells Napoleon to wait while he sneaks for some pizza. Now alone, Napoleon sees what looks like another mutant frog being harassed by three bullies. Napoleon gets down from the tree and confronts the bullies, ordering them to get away from the frog. He starts fighting the bullies, who reach for his head to try to unmask him. They uncomfortably realize that Napoleon is not wearing a mask. The frog victim takes off his mask—revealing himself to be a human in a frog suit—and starts freaking out. Napoleon tries to reassure the man that he thought he was another frog like himself, but the man just runs away in terror. The three bullies decide to focus all their attention on Napoleon.

Mikey arrives with pizza only to see Napoleon being chased by the bullies. Napoleon turns around and again tries to attack the bullies, using whatever improvised weapons he can grab hold of. Mikey joins the fray, and the two very swiftly defeat and bind the bullies. But they have made too much of a ruckus, and Mikey and Napoleon flee an approaching security guard.

Mikey and Napoleon are sitting together on a rail high up the roller coaster, eating the pizza together. Napoleon is disappointed that the man he saved wasn't a real mutant frog. Mikey reassures him that it was good to save the man from the bullies, but Napoleon didn't like how ungrateful and hostile the man turned out to be. This experience makes Napoleon dislike humans. Mikey reminds him that some humans are lame and some humans aren't lame. Napoleon thanks Mikey for showing him around the city, but says he has to return home the next day, and shows Mikey a photograph of a girlfriend waiting for him, and says she's a model. Napoleon says that Mikey and his family should move to Louisiana with the Punk Frogs, and that there are many mutant frog women. Mikey doesn't want to leave the city and his true love behind. Napoleon wonders if Mikey is talking about April, but Mikey is grossed out by the suggestion. Mikey clarifies that his one true love is New York-style pizza.


Napoleon's model girlfriend
  • As with the 2012 TV series episode The Croaking, this story is sprinkled with references to jokes and gags from the film Napoleon Dynamite. In particular is when Napoleon shows Mikey a photo of his model girlfriend back in Louisiana; this is a parody of a scene in the film where Napoleon shows his friend Pedro a photo he says is of his model girlfriend from Oklahoma, when in fact it's an unrelated glamour photo and he's actually never met her.


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