Foot Tech Ninja
Biographical information

Earth, Foot Headquarters, New York City

Weapon(s) of choice

Ninja Swords
Ectoplasmic Generators


Shredder's warriors


Foot Clan

Physical description





Over 6'


180-250 lbs.

Eye color

Orange, Red

Out of universe information

2003 TV series, Lost Season

First appearance

The Way of Invisibility

Teachers and Students

The Utrom Shredder


"Commence containment. Set all ectoplasmic generators at max power."
Foot Tech Ninja in New World Order, Part 1

The Foot Tech Ninja are elite Foot Ninja that were created by Baxter Stockman, who granted them enhanced strength and abilities (such as turning invisible, most notably). Also, their cybernetic armor makes them faster and stronger than regular Foot Ninja. Although Baxter Stockman created them, they refuse to obey him.


The Foot Tech Ninja are a troupe of the Foot Clan, equipped with special cybernetic suits from Baxter Stockman's workshop. The suits based on the technology of an Utrom exoskeleton are equipped with computer-controlled artificial muscles that increase the speed, strength and reflexes of their wearer, and they also have advanced optical systems, including for night vision. Their primary attribute, however, is their camouflage function: By means of refractive technology, which is integrated into the surface of the suit, the wearer can make himself invisible to the ordinary eye, which gives him an advantage in combat.

The Foot Tech Ninja are usually used as secret trackers and for surprise strikes. Although the Foot Tech Ninja, with their training and cybernetic equipment, are considerable opponents in close combat, their stealth system is no longer a real threat to their victims after a first clash if they have the opportunity to disable it. Substances that are distributed over a Foot Tech Ninja, such as paint or dust, negate the advantage of invisibility and thus the surprise effect. Also, the Foot Tech Ninja still leaves footprints on unfavorable ground, and they can still be seen by other means than the naked eye (eg infrared), even if they are invisible.

Another weakness was the placement of the camouflage activation mechanism located on the chest of the suit on the first model of the armor's system. Since these were not armored effectively, a strong weapon hit could damage them and thus completely disable the cloaking function. This flaw was largely reduced in later versions by a stronger armor.


I give you the foot tech ninjas

The Foot Tech Ninjas first appear in the episode, The Way of Invisibility as Baxter Stockman's newest invention for Oroku Saki, Ch'rell the Utrom Shredder to capture the "green skinned ninjas". The technology Stockman is able to study from the strange armor piece allows the Foot Tech Ninjas to turn invisible, as well as enhance their physical capabilities. Saki orders Baxter to have the Foot Tech Ninjas bring him the creatures.

While Casey Jones and Raphael are out patrolling, they notice a group of Purple Dragons spray painting anti-Turtle graffiti. As they fight them, one thug escapes long enough to call and alert the Foot Tech Ninjas that a Turtle is there. The Foot Tech Ninjas ultimately defeat Raph and Casey. One of them drags Raphael away while the other one hands over Casey to the group of Purple Dragons.

After Hun lets Raph escape from captivity, he sends a squad of Foot Tech Ninjas to follow him, in hopes of Raph leading him to the others. The ninjas are able to follow Raph all the way into the sewers where they sneak up behind him ready to attack. Donatello and Leonardo intercept them however, using "TurtleVision" heat-detection goggles. As Michelangelo and Casey join the fight, Don tells them that the cloaking device is around the chest area. Thinking they had won, the Turtles didn't a notice another Foot Tech Ninja eluding them until the enemy was holding Casey over a whirlpool. The Foot Tech Ninja tells the Turtles to surrender. Leo, Don, and Raph comply and drop their weapons. They then notice Mikey sneaking above the Foot Tech Ninja holding Casey and he proceeds to kick him. The Foot Tech Ninja falls into the whirlpool as Casey is saved by Don. The guys easily defeat the rest of the ninjas despite their advance armor, and send them into the whirlpool along with their comrade.

Later, the Foot Tech Ninja squad is seen battered in front of a very angry Saki. Despite their failure, Ch'rell decides to keep the Foot Tech Ninjas as part of the Foot Clan, using them in many of his battles against the Turtles. Two of them then drag out Stockman, who had previously lost an eye for his failure, for another "punishment", despite him being their creator.

In The Shredder Strikes Back, Part 1, the Foot Tech Ninjas appear again engaging in battle with Leonardo. They gain the upper hand by turning invisible, but are ultimately defeated when Leo covers his eyes to heighten his other senses. A few more of them are seen later as Hun's back-up when he takes on Leo himself, although they did not turn invisible.

In Return to New York, Part 1, they are sent by Hun to find the Turtles who have infiltrated Oroku Saki's tower. While following the Turtles in the Foot weapons hangar, Splinter senses their presence. Their invisibility gains them the advantage over the Turtles for most of the battle. However, Leonardo explodes a pair of fire extinguishers and they become visible. Donatello then uses a few shocking-shuriken to destroy their cloaking devices and render them unconscious.

In Return to New York, Part 3, some Foot Tech Ninjas are knocked out by Stockman's exo-suit.

In Secret Origins, Part 2, a Foot Tech Ninja can be seen as part of Shredder's attack force.

In New Blood, some Foot Tech Ninjas can be seen working in the Foot lab.

In Exodus, Part 1, some Foot Tech Ninjas ambush Donatello and Leatherhead under Saki's mansion but are ultimately taken out by Leatherhead.

When Ch'rell is exiled by the Utroms his adopted daughter Karai became the new Shredder, the Foot Tech Ninja had their armor redesigned to make them less vulnerable to being shorted out. They first appeared in the episode Scion of the Shredder, where they help Karai attack the Turtles' lair.

In Good Genes, Part 2, two Foot Tech Ninjas can be seen when the Foot Ninja surround the Turtles in the throne room of the Foot tower.

The Lost Episodes

When the Tengu Shredder returned, the original Shredder until Ch'rell took his name finally came back after his loyal Foot Mystics resurrected him. In New World Order, Part 1 The Foot Tech Ninja were once again called into action when the Tengu Shredder attacked the Foot HQ. The Foot Tech Ninjas were the only real challenge the Tengu Shredder faced when attacking the building. They try to attack the Tengu Shredder with Dr. Chaplin's ectoplasmic generators, but they were ultimately defeated by his dark magic.


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