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The Foot Ninja or Foot Soldiers are the rank-and-file of the Foot Clan. Following the death of the Shredder, the New York City branch of the Foot Clan split into two factions - ones who were loyal to the idea of the Foot overall, and willing to follow anyone who held up the ideals of the Foot Clan, and ones who were only loyal to The Shredder. This caused a massive turf war which also included other forces such as the mob.

Karai came from the Japanese "head office" of the Foot to essentially "clean house", suppressing the Shredder loyalists in order to reestablish NYC's Foot as a legitimate, full-on branch of the Foot instead of a splinter cell lead by a rogue egomaniac. Although she and her Foot members did take them down on the whole with help of the turtles, there remained a scattered number of Shredder loyalists still. Even after leaving The Foot, she had her people taking out these Foot Ninja as revenge for almost killing her and her daughter, the latter of who was injured bad enough to put her in a vegetative state.

As these latter events were unfolding Raphael found a suit of The Shredder's armor and wore it in an effort to take the Foot Clan over. He succeeded, becoming the new leader of the NYC faction. However, between Karai still taking members out and the machinations of the turncoat Cheng, his Ninja were being turned against him from within, and when representatives of the Foot came in from Japan, they unceremoniously began attacking both Raph and Oroku Saki's daughter Pimiko, pledging loyalty instead to Cheng and the mysterious Lady Shredder.

Specific named Foot Ninja

  • Honshu

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