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Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

The Foot Mystics are mystical Foot Ninja who are a part of the Foot Clan. They first appeared in the 2003 TV series and eventually became part of the Mirage universe. When they first appeared in the series their appearance looked different from the cartoon. Later in the series, they began resembling their 2003 series incarnation.

A Mystic initiate named Myzoko attacked Hamato Splinter in the astral plane and after a tough battle Splinter finally defeats him, explaining that his will is greater than the mystics, thus ensuring his victory. On the rooftop, the mystic’s body is curled up in a paralyzed fetal position. Three Foot Mystics (a woman, a warrior and an old man) approach Myzoko and declare that he has failed his final ordeal. They then kick him over the side of the roof where he falls to his death (even though he tried to beg them not to do this). Leaving, the female Mystic says that one day, they too must face the rat (a.k.a. Splinter) in combat.

One of the Mystics Mashima created the Shark Shredder.