Foot Headquarters rooftop (IDW)

Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

In the IDW continuity, Foot Clan Headquarters is the New York City-based central compound of the Foot Clan, located near the Hudson River in the northwest part of the Manhattan neighborhood of Chelsea. In the Vengeance story arc, the Gauntlet is fought inside here and on the building's rooftop. In the Order from Chaos arc, once Splinter has become the new Jōnin of the Foot Clan, the compound also becomes his new home along with that of his sons Leonardo, Raphael and Donatello, but not Michelangelo, who had refused to join the Foot with the rest of his family. After the three sons quit the Foot in Chasing Phantoms, part 4, they move out of Foot Headquarters and back in with Mikey at their previous lair, now under the family name of Clan Hamato, while Splinter continues to live at Foot Headquarters.

In Kingdom of Rats, part 4, the children of St. Robert's Orphanage, which was destroyed during the Invasion of the Triceratons, are taken in by Splinter to live at Foot Headquarters. Under a new détente between Splinter's Foot Clan and Clan Hamato, Michelangelo is charged with training the orphans in ninjutsu at Foot HQ, which he does with the help of Jennika and Casey Jones, with the agreement that in the future they will be given the free choice of whether to join the Foot Clan.


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