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The Foot Clan is an enemy faction faced by the Ninja Turtles. They are a group of mystic ninja who are currently attempting to find pieces of the Shredder's armor, the Kuroi Yōroi, so that he may be resurrected.


It is currently unknown when, how, or by whom the Foot Clan was first founded. The earliest known incident involving the Foot was when its leader, the Shredder, was defeated by Splinter's ancestors. Additionally, the components of the Shredder’s armor were scattered around the world, to prevent his return.

The events following the Shredder’s defeat are currently unknown until about 500 years later, when the Foot Lieutenant and the Foot Brute came into conflict with the Turtles for the first time. The Turtles foiled the Foot’s attempt to create an army of Origami Ninja out of stolen paper, but the Brute and Lieutenant managed to escape, and would go on to fight the Turtles several more times.

Recently, the Foot Clan has teamed up with Baron Draxum to find and retrieve the remaining pieces of the Kuroi Yōroi in order to resurrect the Shredder. Draxum, after sabotaging a mission to retrieve a piece of the armor, is made leader of the Foot Clan.


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  • The Foot Lieutenant and the Foot Brute are apparently huge fans of Lou Jitsu.
    • This is highly ironic, as Lou Jitsu is Splinter, who opposes the Foot Clan, and whose ancestors defeated the Shredder 500 years ago.
  • In "Shadow of Evil", it is revealed that the Foot Clan finds some of its recruits in ninja chatrooms, as mentioned by the Foot Lieutenant upon seeing the Foot Soldiers' poor performance against the Turtles.
    • This episode also reveals that the Foot Clan uses a shoe store called the Foot Shack as a front for their base of operations.

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