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Foot Clan
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New York City


The Foot

Weapon(s) of choice

Guns, Swords, Bartons



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Out of universe information

2014 film, 2016 film

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014 film)

Teachers and Students



Foot Soldiers
Eric Sacks

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Eric Sacks

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Foot Soldiers.

In the 2014 live-action film and its 2016 sequel (which is a reboot of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film series), the Foot Clan is a criminal organization and a threat to the citizens of New York.


Unlike their previous incarnations, who were described as a international, all-ages, ninjutsu cult, the Paramount version of the Foot Clan is now classified as an adult, modern American domestic terrorist organization and besides the Shredder. None of its members are versed in the traditional martial arts. Besides Shredder and Karai, the film also introduced Eric Sacks who is Shredder's student, Dr. O'Neil's former lab partner, and the CEO of Sacks Industries. Here the Foot Clan was so named because its members "step over the good people of this city with no regard". Instead of black unitard-clad masked ninjutsu warriors, the Foot Soldiers are portrayed as fully armed men that wear black military-like uniforms and often wear kabuki style masks on their face in order to conceal one's identity.

In Out of the Shadows, more traditional Foot Ninjas make their appearance, though they are updated with modern body armor and technological advances that allow them to do things like crawl up vertical surfaces.

Known Members


  • This is the second version of the Foot Clan to use guns as their primary weapons, the first one being in the 1987 TV series where they used laser guns.
  • Their logo is identical to that of the 2003 TV series, but painted in a golden color rather than red.
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