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The Foot Clan are the primary antagonists in the first two movie adaptations, and a tenuous ally at times in the adaptation of TMNT.

The earliest known members of this Foot Clan were Hamato Yoshi and Oroku Nagi. Nagi was in love with Yoshi's lover, Tang Shen, and tried to make her choose him. Shen declined and he began to beat her; Yoshi came home and saw this, and killed Nagi in retaliation.

Yoshi and Shen fled to New York City with their pet rat. Nagi's younger brother, Oroku Saki, the Shredder, tracked Yoshi and Shen down and killed them.

Years later, Saki now ruled the Clan (or at least the New York branch). The Foot began harassing the reporter April O'Neil, who was running an exposé on the clan. This is when she met and befriended the Ninja Turtles, the mutated, anthropomorphic students of Hamato Yoshi and Tang Shen's now similarly anthropomorphic former pet rat, Splinter. While the Turtles walked O'Neil home, however, the Foot broke into their lair and kidnapped Splinter.

The Turtles stayed with April while they formulated a plan to find their sensei. One of the turtles, Raphael, had taken to the rooftop in frustration, where he was jumped by The Foot and sent crashing through the skylight, unconscious. The Foot continued to fight the other Turtles, as well as Casey Jones, a vigilante who Raphael met earlier, until a Foot Soldier struck a wire with his ono, starting a fire and burning down April's apartment.

The Turtles, April, and Casey retreated to the farmhouse of April's family to recover and regroup. After Raphael came to and the Turtles felt it was time to go back to New York, they began to lay siege on Foot headquarters to rescue Splinter. With the help of Danny, the son of April's boss and a Foot Clan initiate who turned against the clan, Casey rescued Splinter while the Turtles went after Shredder.

The Foot leader handily beat each of the Turtles, but they were saved by Splinter. Saki charged at Splinter with his yari, and the rat wrapped his nunchaku around it, flipping Shredder up and over him, dangling him from the rooftop. In desperation, Shredder threw a dagger at the rat, which caused him to loosen his grip in order to catch the dagger, sending Shredder falling to his death.

Or at least, so everyone thought. Shredder ended up alive in a landfill, where coincidentally his second-in-command, Tatsu and the remnants of the clan were squatting. Determined to take revenge, Shredder had a prominent Mutagen scientist, Jordan Perry kidnapped so that he could have mutants of his own.

Perry reluctantly gave Saki his mutants, a wolf and snapping turtle that Shredder called Rahzar and Tokka, respectively. The two mutants ended up being but babies, and incredibly dim ones at that, but they were both incredible strong.

The Turtles' new friend, pizza delivery boy Keno, was trying to infiltrate the Foot along with help from Raphael. However, they were caught by Tatsu, and Raph was captured. Keno ran back to April's apartment to alert the other Turtles.

The other Turtles ran to save Raphael, but the endeavor turned out to be a trap. Caught in a net hoisted from a crane, the Turtles were going to be dropped into spikes, when Splinter intervened with a precision arrow shot.

With all of the Turtles now free, Shredder sicced his ninja on them, and then, his two mutants. During the fight, Donatello was thrown into the Foot HQ by Tokka, where he found and rescued Professor Perry.

Losing horribly against the two Foot mutants, Michelangelo found a sewer manhole and the turtles and Professor Perry retreated, with Tokka attempting to follow but becoming stuck due to his size.

Shredder let Rahzar and Tokka loose in the city to cause destruction, then sent Freddy, April's cameraman who was secretly a Foot Ninja, to tell her to tell the Turtles if they didn't come to a construction site, he'd let them loose in Central Park.

Donatello and Perry devised an anti-mutagen to attempt to revert Tokka and Rahzar back to regular animals. Since the substance needed to be ingested, they hid them in cube form inside doughnuts, which they fed to Tokka and Rahzar under the guise of a ritual they called "Pre-Fight Doughnuts". Unfortunately, Rahzar discovered the cube inside one of the doughnuts, and the jig was up.

Rahzar knocked the turtles inside a dance club, and soon they were also confronted by Tatsu and some Foot Ninja. Donatello and the professor devised a plan with fire extinguishers to introduce the essential carbon dioxide to the anti-mutagen. This finally did the trick, and the turtles soundly beat Tatsu and the rest of the Foot.

However, Shredder lay in wait, with the last of the mutagen. Threatening to mutate a club patron. Keno rescued her while Michelangelo blasted Shredder with a full-volume guitar lick, sending him through the club's skylight and out into the docks.

This still was not the last of Shredder. He drank the last of the mutagen, becoming a "Super Shredder". In a rage, Saki began thrashing at the docks, causing them to collapse on top of him, while the Turtles leapt into the water and survived. Thus, Oroku Saki's life had finally come to an end.

Many years later, the Turtles encountered the Foot once more, this time led by a woman named Karai. Although they clashed with their old enemies, who were hired by a businessman named Max Winters to corral Thirteen Monsters, they ended up forming an alliance once they realized that Winters was a centuries-old warlord who simply wanted to end his immortality curse, and that his trusted generals had betrayed him so they could live forever.

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