The Foot Clan is under the control of Shredder, who travels to New York upon learning that Master Splinter had survived the battle that killed Yoshi's wife, and left Shredder's face partially scarred. Believing Yoshi is training his own ninja clan, Shredder sends his Foot Soldiers, (which closely resemble those from the live action films), to find and kill the Turtles. They are commanded in the field by Rahzar (the mutated version of Chris Bradford), Fishface (the mutated version of Xever), Karai, and Tiger Claw. The Foot clan is a Ninja clan that also works as powerful crime syndicate.


Rise of the Turtles, Part 2 - The turtles' first mission to the surface drawn unwanted attention to them, as Oroku Saki learned that Hamato Yoshi was still alive.

Pulverizer Returns! - the Foot made a pretty solid alliance with the Kraang.

Follow The Leader - the Foot Clan has been strengthened by the highly advanced Foot-Bots that can copy their enemies movements. The Foot-Bots were created by the Kraang to help the Foot Clan.

The Legend of the Kuro Kabuto - Shredder tells the story behind his helmet, the Kuro Kabuto, symbol of the foot clan and its founder Koga Takuza.

Vengeance is Mine - Splinter tells the story about the war between the Foot and Hamato clans, Oroku Saki was only a baby when his clan was extinguished, Splinter's father took him and raised him as his own son, when Saki discovered about his true origins his rivalry with Splinter turned into hate, specially because both shared feelings for the same woman, Tang Shen. Saki re-built the Foot Clan, caused Tang Shen's death when attacking Yoshi and took their child away, leaving Splinter to die inside his burning house.

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