The Flying Turtlenecker Brothers, Hans and Fitz are two Alien Turtles. They appear in the episode Planet of the Turtles of the 1987 TMNT cartoon, and are wrestlers from the World Federation of Intergalactic Combat Tag Team Wrestling on the same planet.

They are first seen in a wrestling match from the Planet of the Turtles, where the "Flying Turtlenecker Brothers" defeat Wild Willy and Rattin' Randy.

Shredder gets followed by Rupert and the Turtlenecker Brothers back through the portal to Dimension X when he steals a Personal Energy Projector. With the Turtlenecker Brothers stuck in Dimension X, they team up with Shredder and Krang to fight the Ninja Turtles because they hate "little turtles".[1] They are sent to the sewers through a dimensional portal and they nab the Turtles, bringing them back to the Technodrome. There they wrestle with the Turtles a bit before Shredder orders them to take the Turtles to the security sector. When the Turtles were rescued by April O'Neil and Master Splinter, they faced them again and were defeated by Michelangelo. What happened to them after that is unknown.


They’re obnoxious parodies of Hans and Franz from Saturday Night Live, right down to a riff on their catchphrase.



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