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Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

The Flyborg is a cyborg mutant fly created by Baxter Stockman. He introduces it to Krang as his "side-project", an expendable laborer whose efficiency far exceeds that of Krang's current workers. Stockman tells he plans to mass-produce the Flyborgs to help construction on the Technodrome.

While Stockman was taking the Flyborg for a "test drive", it suddenly showed clarity and sentience before a host of Krang's Rock Soldiers, protesting its status as an expendable slave and attacking the Rock Soldiers. Stockman called Krang for backup as the Flyborg chased him, as he was unable to exact the override protocols. He took shelter in the control room, and the Flyborg crawled in through a ventilation duct. It was then revealed that the Flyborg's rampage was all according to plan, and Stockman placed the real override protocols in place. Stockman then downloaded all of Krang's schematics from the control room computers.

After this, Krang's backup Rock Soldiers arrived and killed the Flyborg, despite it begging to be spared.


  • The Flyborg is an obvious reference to Baxter's own fate in various adaptations of the story - mutant fly (the 1987 TV series and corresponding media and the 2012 TV series), as well as the cyborg he becomes in the Mirage and 2003 series.
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