Five to One is a TMNT Movie Prequel story.


Some TMNT stuff was always meant for grownups.

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Splinter sends Leonardo on a pilgrimage, that of the Five-Fold Path, so he may learn and grow to become a better leader.

The five paths take him to many places across the globe:

5 - Courage - Iceland - he stands up to a whaling vessel hunting an endangered whale.

4 - Compassion - Portugal - he rescues slave children from a container ship and leaves them to authorities to have a better life.

3 - Selflessness - Mongolia - he offers up himself in place of a captured yeti, and is captured himself during the battle allowing the yeti to escape. The yeti returns later with many other of his kind and rescues Leonardo and tends to his wounds.

2 - Humility - Japan - he is tested by Ancient One, the trainer of Hamato Yoshi (Master Splinter's master) who insults him continuously throughout their battle before besting Leonardo and telling him that the Five-Fold Path is not traveled alone.

1 - Community - Costa Rica - he has become known as the Ghost of the Jungle and protects the innocent and the forest. However he has grown to hate community as the world is beautiful, yet man is so ugly in their actions to it and each other.

April states that he should look at community more personally and he realizes that community is family and that he is ready to go home.

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