Cyber-turtles 23 - firestar

Shredder stealing the Firestar

The Firestar is a powerful crystalline fragment appearing in the 1987-1996 animated TV-series, in the episode Cyber-Turtles. It is a leftover piece from the formation of the universe and has immense powers, including the ability to rip through dimensions. Krang has heard of it before, but then thought it was just legend.[1]

It was found by the Glaxxons sometime prior to the episode, and they were en route to their home when Shredder and Krang shot them down. Shredder then stole the Firestar from their spaceship, and the aliens began tearing through the city to reclaim it. At the same time, Krang began merging the Earth's dimension with Dimension X. The Firestar was taken from Krang by April O'Neil and Casey Jones, and was returned to the Glaxxons with the order to destroy it, a feat that was only possible by taking it to the core of the galaxy.


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