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Fight'n Ferguson
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New York City, Earth


Retired boxer

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Big Trouble in Little Italy

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Fight'n Ferguson is a Scottish former boxer, and an old friend of Brooklyn S. Bridge and Kid Kennedy. He is a regular patron of the Skara Brae, where he often spends time with his friends.

During the events of Big Trouble in Little Italy, a briefcase belonging to the Savate Ninja fell into Kid Kennedy's shopping cart, and he gave it to Ferguson as a Tartan Week gift. Ferguson was shocked to see that it was full of diamonds, and immediately brought both Kid and the briefcase inside the pub. 

He argued with Brooklyn over whether to return the diamonds to the crash site, but later revealed to Kid that he planned to sell the diamonds himself in order to pay for Kid's brain surgery and a journey back to Scotland for them both. However, his plans were interrupted by the arrival of the Savate ninja, the Turtles, and the Foot Clan. During the battle that ensued, Ferguson fought the Savate and Foot Clan, but the diamonds were lost.

He appeared again in Monsters, Misfits, and Madmen, when his onetime friend Arnold Jones—now calling himself "Hun"—came to the Skara Brae in search of Angel Bridge. Sensing his former friend's change of mood, he ushered Kid away from the bar. When Hun attacked Brooklyn and Kid, Ferguson attacked him in return, but was repelled. Afterwards, he witnessed Brooklyn's outburst towards Casey Jones and Angel, and asked if he was being too hard on the pair.

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