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Feenosia was a kingdom of anthropomorphic beings that once stood in the country of Egypt. The kingdom had been, at one point, under the command of Macquo-Doth Noor, before he was killed by G'Dello. After Noor's death, G'Dello imprisoned his infant son, Pai-Doth Noor, within his nursery with his nannies.

When an aged and dying Pai-Doth Noor recruited Leonardo from four different time periods to cheat death, they too, were locked into the nursery with baby Pai-Doth Noor and his nannies. After giving baby Pai-Doth the gem that his older self had given them, they escaped and Pai-Doth was back on his way to taking back his kingdom. However, just as the Leonardos were sent back to their own times, the Egyptian Pharaoh's men had tracked the Leos to the gates of Feenosia. Eight-year old Leo, in a museum, later sees a relief with the Pharaoh's army carrying Pai-Doth's dead body.


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