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Not to be confused with New Friend, Old Enemy.

Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

Enemies Old, Enemies New is the second story arc in IDW's TMNT series. It consists of issues 5 through 8.  


Prologue - Issue #5


Issue #5 Regular Cover by Dan Duncan

Splinter moves stealthily along the rooftops. Two of Hob's thugs are patrolling on the ground, out looking for him. Splinter drops down and dispatches them. He has a flashback to a very similar scene in Feudal Japan, a scene in a story much like the one being told now: a story about a father and his four sons.

At home, the four Turtles train in hand-to-hand combat. The others compliment Raphael on how quickly he's picking it up. They comment on how it's almost like they're just fine-tuning skills they've already learned. Raphel is impatient to begin training with weapons but Donatello tells him not to hold his breath—Master Splinter made the three of them train nearly four months before he gave them their weapons. Leonardo wonders why Splinter hasn't returned yet.

Splinter continues making his way home, evading Hob's lackeys all the while. His thoughts turn to a man in Feudal Japan, a man named Hamato Yoshi. Like Splinter, he sought to return to his sons with supplies without being captured by his enemies, led by the ninja master Oroku Saki, leader of the Foot Clan. It had not always been so. Once, Yoshi and Saki were clan brothers. But Saki led the Foot down a dark path, bringing much dishonor upon the clan. Yoshi left the clan, refusing to be party to atrocities Saki was ordering them to commit. Yoshi had a wife, Tang Shen, and together they had four sons. Saki sought to go after them to punish Yoshi for his treason. Foot ninja entered their home and killed Tang Shen, but Hamato Yoshi slew the attackers before they got to his children. Before dying in his arms, Tang Shen made Yoshi promise not to seek revenge, and to keep their sons safe at all costs. 

Present day, New York Tech. Coach Bowman is telling Casey Jones he needs to get his grades up to avoid being cut from the hockey team. Casey tells him he's doing his best, but academics just don't come naturally to him. Coach Bowman tells Casey to ask his parents for help.

Elsewhere on campus, April O'Neil is about to head out of town for winter break. Before leaving, she puts up a flier on the bulletin board advertising tutoring in any subject in exchange for self-defense lessons.

Finally, Splinter makes it back safely to his family's home in the sewers. 

In a flashback to Feudal Japan, Hamato Yoshi has returned home as well, bearing food and treats for his sons. Suddenly, Oroku Saki and a legion of Foot Ninja surround them. As he sat with sons awaiting execution, Yoshi prayed to the Buddha, and to all the powers in the universe, that he and his sons would be reunited and he would get the chance for revenge on Saki. After seeing his sons killed, Yoshi vows that when they met again, he will destroy Oroku Saki. Saki executes him. 

In the sewers, Splinter presents his sons with gifts. He explains that he had Leonardo, Donatello and Michelangelo wear red bandanas while searching for Raphael because red was their brother's favorite color, and he felt it was a good way to honor him while they were looking for him. He then gives each of the three a differently-colored bandana to replace the red ones they wore, now that Raphael has been returned, to reflect their individuality. Michelangelo is given an orange bandana, Donatello is given a purple one, and Leonardo is given a blue one. Then, for Raphael, Splinter gives him twin sais, as a sign of impression for advancing his abilities beyond his expectation. Leonardo laments that they have nothing to give Splinter, but he says that having his sons with him is enough. Donatello asks Splinter how he knew red was Raphael's favorite color. He tells them that there is much they do not yet know, and it is time for him to tell them.

(Note: the Raphael and Michelangelo one-shots both take place between the Enemies Old, Enemies New Prologue and Part One)

Part One - Issue #6


Issue #6 Regular Cover by Dan Duncan

The Turtles are out on patrol one night when they see two ninjas on the run. Tensions run high as Leonardo tries to keep them all focused on the mission at hand. They move in to get a closer look and see that the ninja are chasing someone. The man, who turns out to be French, is using parkour to stay ahead of the ninjas but becomes cornered on top of a building. Raphael says they have to step in to help the Frenchman in what will otherwise be an unfair fight, but Leonardo tells him that would go against Splinter's orders. The Frenchman kills one of the ninjas but is mortally wounded by the other. Raphael, angered, can't stand by and watch anymore and charges in. Using a smoke grenade, the ninja escapes. As the Frenchman dies, he says one thing: war is coming. 

Baxter Stockman is talking to Old Hob in his office at Stockgen. Stockman tells Hob that twice now he has faced Splinter and the Turtles and failed to bring them in, leaving him one more chance. Hob tells him that Stockman hasn't given him enough money to hire enough muscle to win against the Turtles. 

At home, Casey Jones is reading April's flier offering tutoring in exchange for self-defense lessons. Casey's dad tells him he'll never be able to keep a job, he can't even keep his grades up. Casey brushes it off and calls April. 

The Turtles report in to Splinter about the events that transpired on their patrol. Splinter suspects that the two ninja the Turtles say belonged to the Foot Clan. Donatello identifies the fighting style used by the Frenchman as savate, a French martial art dating back to the early 19th century. Leonardo questions the relation between all the recent events; Splinter claims they are fated to face the same foes from their past life. Donatello is reluctant to accept reincarnation, stating there's no science to back it up. Splinter tells him about his time in Stockgen's lab; how the first thing he could remember was a blade coming down on his neck. He told them about the injections that unlocked parts of his mind, enabling him to remember his and his sons' past life in Japan, and recognize the four small turtles as his sons. Splinter became aware of goings-on at Stockgen, their involvement in covert military campaigns feeling very familiar. Splinter tells the Turtles how he tried to warn April, in whom he sensed an aura of goodness, about Stockgen's shady business dealings. Splinter's suspicions were confirmed when the two Foot ninja came to steal samples from Stockgen's labs. Donatello asks Splinter if they were human before, why did they come back as turtles and a rat? Splinter says ultimately it's not the vessel that matters, but the spirit. 

Casey reluctantly approaches April's apartment door. He knocks and her roommate answers and goes to get April. April introduces herself. 

After Hob's claim that he'd need an army to bring in Splinter and the Turtles, Stockman shows him something that had been developed to handle I.E.D.sM.O.U.S.E.R.S. (Minefield Ordnance Unarming System Enhanced Robots). Stockman proceeds to attack Hob with the robots, to test if they'll be adequate to use on the Turtles. 

(Note: the Donatello one-shot as well as the Infestation 2 story take place between Enemies Old, Enemies New Part One and Part Two)

Part Two - Issue #7

Enemies Old Enemies New 2 cover A

Issue #7 Regular Cover by Dan Duncan

The Planet Neutrino: General Krang gets a status report from Captain Tragg. He has just lost six stone soldiers in an attack against the Neutrino Resistance Fighters. Sergeant Granitor calls in to the command center for evacuation and they teleport back to Burnow Island on Earth. Krang decides its time to meet with Stockman face-to-face. 

New York City: Raphael tags along with Michelangelo to pick up dinner for the family from the nearby pizzeria. Michelangelo tells Raphael about the first time they met Woody Dirkins, an employee at the pizzeria who's been providing them with fresh pizza. Woody is glad that Raphael has been reunited with his brothers. 

Back at their hideout, Donatello and Leonardo debate whether or not they're really the reincarnations of four teenage boys from Feudal Japan and again at odds with the Foot Clan. Donatello can't accept it because there's no tangible evidence, but Leonardo accepts it because he sees images from their past life in his head, particularly images of their slain mother. The two agree that they need to find out more on the matter. At that moment, dozens of M.O.U.S.E.R.s swarm into their hideout. 

In the New York Tech Gymnasium, Casey trains April in self-defense. They wrap up and April says they should tackle the English paper Casey has to write. 

In the sewers Splinter, Leonardo and Donatello fight back Stockman's robots, controlled remotely by Hob. They destroy dozens of the robots but more keep attacking and they have to fall back and regroup. Before they're able to, Hob steps out of the shadows, revealing himself to be responsible for the attack. He orders the robots to begin attacking the walls, causing a cave-in above the Turtles and Splinter. Above their heads, Michelangelo and Raphael are returning to the sewers with pizza.

Baxter Stockman returns home to find his door kicked in. As he's placing a call to secuiry, a stone soldier steps out of the elevator and leads him into his suite where General Krang is waiting for him. Krang wants to know what's taking Stockman so long to ready the super-soldier mutagen he was hired to develop. Stockman explains that the lab break-in set them back considerably. Stockman tells Krang that at least the psychotropic compound will be delivered soon.

In the sewers, Michelangelo and Raphael return to see Leonardo making a desperate last stand against the M.O.U.S.E.R.s, with Donatello and Splinter knocked out. 

Part Three - Issue #8


Issue #8 Regular Cover by Dan Duncan

Leonardo urges Michelangelo and Raphael to help him fend off the M.O.U.S.E.R.s. Raphael aids Leonardo and Michelangelo rouses Donatello and then tries to get the unconscious Splinter to safety. Before he is able to, Hob commands the M.O.U.S.E.R.s to go after Michelangelo. 

In his penthouse suite, Baxter Stockman is explaining to General Krang that everything is under control; Splinter is about to be captured and the psychotropic compound will be retrieved. Krang asks why they couldn't just get a sample from Hob's blood, but Stockman explains that the compound within Hob's blood is too impure. The Turtles, too, would not be able to provide samples of the psychotropic for the same reason. Stockman tells Krang that there is one other specimen who seems to have had a controlled injection of the compound, the mutant ninja snow fox created by Krang's competitors. Krang tells Stockman three things he needs to know: one, that this "competitor" is merely a nuisance and will be dealt with when the time is right; two, the success of his mission is of utmost importance; and three, his mission calls for intelligent mutant super-soldiers, and if Stockman cannot provide them, he will be eliminated. 

Down below, the Turtles continue fighting off the robots controlled by Hob. While they're busy fighting, Hob causes the robots to emit a smoke screen and departs with Splinter. In the process however, he drops the remote control for the M.O.U.S.E.R.s. 

April and Casey are getting to know each other over coffee at a doughnut shop. Casey tells her that ever since his mom died, he and his dad haven't gotten along very well. April tells him about her dad's bad stroke and how she almost quit school to go home and help her mom take care of him. Casey asks her what caused her interest in self-defense, and April tells him about the break-in that occurred while she was working in the Stockgen laboratories and the ninjas who tried to kill her. Casey asks how she got away and she tells him that the lab rat named Splinter pulled the fire alarm and scared them away. 

In the sewers, the Turtles have realized that Master Splinter is missing and Hob is nowhere to be seen. Donatello tells his brothers the robots must be on autopilot now and comes up with a plan. He has the other Turtles line up behind him, tricking the robots into thinking there is only one target.  

Casey has something important to show April. They drive to a mostly abandoned part of town and park her van. She asks him where they're going and he tells her: the sewers. 

The robots approach Donatello and the Turtles leap out from behind him, destroying the remainder of the robots. Donatello finds the remote control Hob dropped. The Turtles know they have a better chance of finding Splinter if they act fast, so they decide to split up and being combing the area. In the midst of making their plans they hear voices approaching, and a moment later Casey arrives with April in tow. At the sight of four teenage mutant ninja turtles, April faints. Casey explains to the Turtles that April knew them before their mutation and escape from Stockgen. The Turtles leave to begin searching for Splinter, and Casey laments that he he shouldn't have taught April how to punch, as she'll likely punch him for surprising her when she wakes up.

(Note: this story continues in the Leonardo one-shot)



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